Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards

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Best Drama Series

  • Bloom: David Maher, David Taylor, Glen Dolman, Sue Seeary — Playmaker Media (Stan)
  • Doctor Doctor: Ian Collie, Ally Henville, Keith Thompson, Rodger Corser — Easy Tiger (Nine Network)
  • Halifax: Retribution: Roger Simpson, Louisa Kors — Beyond Lone Hand (Nine Network)
  • The Heights: Warren Clarke, Peta Astbury-Bulsara, Debbie Lee, Que Minh Luu — Matchbox Pictures In Association With for Pete’s Sake Productions (ABC)
  • Mystery Road: David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin — Bunya Productions (ABC)
  • Wentworth: Jo Porter, Pino Amenta — Fremantle (Foxtel)

Best Telefeature Or Miniseries

  • The Gloaming Victoria Madden, John Molloy, Fiona McConaghy — 2 Jons And Sweet Potato Films (Stan)
  • Hungry Ghosts Stephen Corvini, Timothy Hobart, Debbie Lee, Sue Masters — Matchbox Pictures (SBS)
  • Operation Buffalo Vincent Sheehan, Tanya Phegan, Peter Duncan — Porchlight Films (ABC)
  • The Secrets She Keeps Helen Bowden, Jason Stephens, Paul Watters — Lingo Pictures (Network Ten)
  • Stateless Cate Blanchett, Elise McCredie, Tony Ayres, Sheila Jayadev, Paul Ranford, Liz Watts, Andrew Upton — Matchbox Pictures, Dirty Films (ABC)

Best Comedy Program

  • At Home Alone Together Nick Hayden, Janet Gaeta, Nikita Agzarian, Dan Ilic — Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)
  • Black Comedy Kath Shelper, Mark O’Toole, Nakkiah Lui, David Woodhead — Scarlett Pictures (ABC)
  • The Other Guy Angie Fielder, Polly Staniford, Jude Troy, Alice Willison — Aquarius Films, Wooden Horse (Stan)
  • Rosehaven Andrew Walker, Kevin Whyte, Celia Pacquola, Luke McGregor — What Horse? And Guesswork Television (ABC)
  • Upright – Jason Stephens, Helen Bowden, Melissa Kelly, Chris Taylor, Tim Minchin — Lingo Pictures (Foxtel)

Best Comedy Entertainment Program

  • Australian Amazon Original Stand-Up Specials Todd Abbott, Frank Bruzzese, Kevin Whyte, Kathleen McCarthy — Guesswork Television (Amazon Prime Video Australia)
  • Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival Kevin Whyte, Jon Casimir, Todd Abbott — Guesswork Television (Stan)
  • Drunk History Australia Paul Franklin, Chris Culvenor, Sophia Mogford, Ashley Davies — Eureka Productions (Network Ten)
  • LOL: Last One Laughing Australia David McDonald, Marty Benson — Amazon Prime Video Australia, Endemol Shine Australia (Amazon Prime Video Australia)
  • Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell Shaun Micallef, Peter Beck, Gary McCaffrie — ITV Studios Australia, Giant Baby Productions (ABC)

Best Entertainment Program

  • Eurovision – Australia Decides – Gold Coast 2020 Paul Clarke, Stephanie Werrett, Josh Martin — Blink TV Production (SBS)
  • Hard Quiz Chris Walker, Kevin Whyte, Charlie Pickering, Tom Gleeson, John Tabbagh — Thinkative Television (ABC)
  • Have You Been Paying Attention? Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Michael Hirsh, Rob Sitch — Working Dog Productions (Network Ten)
  • Lego Masters Australia David McDonald, AJ Johnson, Mark Barlin — Endemol Shine Australia In Association With Nine Network (Nine Network)
  • The Voice Leigh Aramberri, Chloe Baker, Jaala Webster, Beth Hart — ITV Studios Australia (Nine Network)
  • The Weekly Kevin Whyte, Chris Walker, Charlie Pickering, Jo Long — Thinkative Television, Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)

Best Factual Entertainment Program

  • Gogglebox Australia Howard Myers, David McDonald, Kerrie Kerr — Endemol Shine, Network Ten, Foxtel (Foxtel, Network Ten)
  • Hamish & Andy’s “Perfect” Holiday Tim Bartley, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, Ryan Shelton — Radio Karate (Nine Network)
  • Love On The Spectrum Cian O’Clery, Karina Holden, Jenni Wilks — Northern Pictures (ABC)
  • The Project Craig Campbell, Christopher Bendall, Sarah Ashley — Roving Enterprises, Network Ten (Network Ten)
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Maxine Gray, Michael Wilton — Warner Bros. International Television Productions (SBS)
  • You Can’t Ask That Kirk Docker, Frances O’Riordan, Ali Russell — Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)

Best Lifestyle Program

  • Better Homes and Gardens Russel Palmer, Rani Eaton — Seven Network (Seven Network)
  • Jimmy Shu’s Taste of the Territory Naina Sen, Sally Ingleton, Josh Martin — Indigo Productions and 360 Degree Films (SBS)
  • The Living Room Sarah Thornton, Ciaran Flannery — Network Ten and WTFN (Network Ten)
  • Luke Nguyen’s Railway Vietnam Michael Donnelly, Josh Martin, John Hatcher, Clara O’Sullivan — Red Creative Media (SBS)
  • Restoration Australia Brooke Bayvel — Fremantle (ABC)
  • Selling Houses Australia Sonia Harding, Geoff Fitzpatrick, Wendy Moore — Beyond Productions (Foxtel)

Best Reality Series

  • The Amazing Race Australia Paul Franklin, Chris Culvenor, Sophia Mogford, Stephen Tate — Eureka Productions (Network Ten)
  • Australian Survivor: All Stars Amelia Fisk, Keely Sonntag, Adam Fergusson — Endemol Shine Australia (Network Ten)
  • The Block David Barbour, Julian Cress — Cavalier Television (Nine Network)
  • I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Ben Ulm, Clare Bath, Alex Mavroidakis, Riima Daher — ITV Studios Australia (Network Ten)
  • Masterchef Australia Marty Benson, Adam Fergusson — Endemol Shine Australia (Network Ten)
  • The Real Dirty Dancing Paul Franklin, Chris Culvenor, Sophia Mogford, Sonya Wilkes — Eureka Productions (Seven Network)

Best Children's Television Program

  • Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors? Vanna Morosini, Stu Connolly, Donna Andrews — Flying Kite Pictures & Sticky Fingers Pictures (ABC)
  • Bluey Joe Brumm, Charlie Aspinwall, Sam Moor, Daley Pearson — Ludo Studio (ABC)
  • First Day Julie Kalceff, Kirsty Stark, Kate Croser — Epic Films (ABC)
  • The Inbestigators Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope — Gristmill (ABC)
  • Little J & Big Cuz Tony Thorne, Ned Lander, Colin South, Alicia Rackett — Ned Lander Media (NITV)
  • Mustangs FC Amanda Higgs, Rachel Davis, Debbie Lee — Matchbox Pictures (ABC)

Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama

  • Fayssal Bazzi — Stateless
  • Bryan Brown — Bloom
  • Jai Courtney — Stateless
  • Ewen Leslie — Operation Buffalo
  • Aaron Pedersen — Mystery Road

Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama

  • Jada Alberts — Mystery Road
  • Rebecca Gibney — Halifax: Retribution
  • Asher Keddie — Stateless
  • Pamela Rabe — Wentworth
  • Yvonne Strahovski — Stateless

Best Comedy Performer

  • Milly Alcock — Upright
  • Anne Edmonds — At Home Alone Together
  • Luke McGregor — Rosehaven
  • Tim Minchin — Upright
  • Celia Pacquola — Rosehaven

Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a Television Drama

  • Rob Collins — Mystery Road
  • Darren Gilshenan — Stateless
  • Damon Herriman — The Commons
  • Callan Mulvey — Mystery Road
  • Ed Oxenbould — Bloom

Best Guest or Supporting Actress in a Television Drama

  • Cate Blanchett — Stateless
  • Jacqueline McKenzie — Bloom
  • Ngaire Pigram — Mystery Road
  • Tasma Walton — Mystery Road
  • Jacki Weaver — Bloom

Best Direction in a Television Drama or Comedy Series

  • Australian Amazon Original Stand-up Specials (Anne Edmonds: What's Wrong With You Simon Francis)
  • Mystery Road – Episode 4: Broken (Wayne Blair)
  • Mystery Road – Episode 6: What You Do Now (Warwick Thornton)
  • Stateless – Episode 1: The Circumstances in Which They Come (Emma Freeman)
  • Stateless – Episode 6: The Seventh (Jocelyn Moorhouse)

Best Screenplay In Television

  • The Commons – Episode 1 (Shelley Birse)
  • First Day – Episode 1 (Julie Kalceff)
  • Mystery Road – Episode 4: Broken (Kodie Bedford)
  • Operation Buffalo – Episode 4 (Peter Duncan)
  • Stateless – Episode 1: The Circumstances in Which They Come (Elise McCredie)

Best Cinematography In Television

  • The Commons – Episode 1 (Earle Dresner)
  • The Gloaming – Episode 4: Black Winged Angels (Marden Dean)
  • Mystery Road – Episode 4: Broken (Warwick Thornton)
  • Operation Buffalo – Episode 4 (Martin McGrath)
  • Stateless – Episode 1: The Circumstances in Which They Come (Bonnie Elliott)

Best Editing In Television

  • Mystery Road – Episode 6: What You Do Now (Nicholas Holmes)
  • Operation Buffalo – Episode 4 (Mark Perry)
  • The Secrets She Keeps – Episode 1 (Deborah Peart, James Manché)
  • Stateless – Episode 1: The Circumstances in Which They Come (Mark Atkin)
  • Stateless – Episode 6: The Seventh (Martin Connor)

Best Sound In Television

  • The Gloaming – Episode 4: Black Winged Angels (Dean Ryan, Andrew Neil, Ralph Ortner, Lee Yee)
  • Halifax: Retribution – Episode 3 (Paul Pirola, Brendan Croxon, James Harvey, Andrew Ramage)
  • Mystery Road – Episode 4: Broken (Wes Chew, Luke Mynott, Michael Newton, Trevor Hope)
  • Operation Buffalo – Episode 4 (Luke Mynott, Wes Chew, Guntis Sics)
  • Stateless – Episode 1: The Circumstances in Which They Come (Tom Heuzenroeder, Pete Smith, Michael Darren, Des Kenneally)

Best Original Score In Television

  • Bluey – Episode 24: Flatpack (Joff Bush)
  • Itch – Episode 10: 376 Down (Diego Baldenweg, Nora Baldenweg, Lionel Baldenweg)
  • Operation Buffalo – Episode 4 (Antony Partos)
  • Rosehaven – Episode 8 (Kit Warhurst)
  • Stateless – Episode 6: The Seventh (Cornel Wilczek)

Best Production Design In Television

  • The Commons – Episode 1 (Tim Ferrier)
  • Mystery Road – Episode 6: What You Do Now (Herbert Pinter)
  • The New Legends of Monkey – Episode 10: Shadow Boxing (Nick Williams)
  • Operation Buffalo – Episode 4 (Colin Gibson)
  • Stateless – Episode 1: The Circumstances in Which They Come (Melinda Doring)

Best Costume Design In Television

  • The Commons – Episode 1 (Xanthe Heubel)
  • The Masked Singer – Episode 4 (Tim Chappel)
  • The New Legends of Monkey – Episode 10: Shadow Boxing (Liz McGregor)
  • Operation Buffalo – Episode 4 (Wendy Cork)
  • Stateless – Episode 1: The Circumstances in Which They Come (Mariot Kerr)

Best Direction In Nonfiction Television

  • Australia's Ocean Odyssey: A Journey Down the East Australian Current – Episode 1: The Tropics (Nick Robinson)
  • Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story – Episode 2 (Mark Joffe)
  • Love on the Spectrum – Episode 1 (Cian O’Clery)
  • Maralinga Tjarutja (Larissa Behrendt)
  • The Test: A New Era for Australia's Team – Episode 8: A New Legacy (Adrian Brown)

Best Subscription Television Presenter

  • Shaynna Blaze (Selling Houses Australia)
  • Deborah Hutton (Find Me a Beach House)
  • Tyson Mayr (Bear - Koala Hero)
  • Rebel Wilson (Lol: Last One Laughing Australia)
  • Andrew Winter (Selling Houses Australia / Love it or List it Australia)

Feature Film

Best Film

  • Babyteeth
  • H Is For Happiness
  • I Am Woman
  • The Invisible Man
  • Relic
  • True History of the Kelly Gang

Best Indie Film

  • A Boy Called Sailboat
  • Hot Mess
  • Koko: A Red Dog Story
  • A Lion Returns
  • Standing Up For Sunny
  • Unsound

Best Direction

  • Shannon Murphy (Babyteeth)
  • H Is For Happiness (John Sheedy)
  • The Invisible Man (Leigh Whannell)
  • Relic (Natalie Erika James)
  • True History Of The Kelly Gang (Justin Kurzel)

Best Lead Actor

  • George MacKay (True History of the Kelly Gang)
  • Sam Neill (Rams)
  • Richard Roxburgh (H is for Happiness)
  • Toby Wallace (Babyteeth)
  • Hugo Weaving (Measure for Measure)

Best Lead Actress

  • Tilda Cobham-Hervey (I Am Woman)
  • Laura Gordon (Undertow)
  • Elisabeth Moss (The Invisible Man)
  • Lupita Nyong’o (Little Monsters)
  • Eliza Scanlen (Babyteeth)

Best Supporting Actor

  • Fayssal Bazzi (Measure for Measure)
  • Russell Crowe (True History of the Kelly Gang)
  • Aaron Jeffery (The Flood)
  • Ben Mendelsohn (Babyteeth)
  • Wesley Patten (H is for Happiness)

Best Supporting Actress

  • Emma Booth (H is for Happiness)
  • Essie Davis (Babyteeth)
  • Bella Heathcote (Relic)
  • Deborah Mailman (H is for Happiness)
  • Doris Younane (Measure for Measure)

Best Screenplay

  • Babyteeth (Rita Kalnejais)
  • Little Monsters (Abe Forsythe)
  • The Invisible Man (Leigh Whannell)
  • Relic (Natalie Erika James, Christian White)
  • True History of the Kelly Gang (Shaun Grant)

Best Cinematography

  • Babyteeth (Andrew Commis)
  • Bloody Hell (Brad Shield)
  • Escape from Pretoria (Geoffrey Hall)
  • H is for Happiness (Bonnie Elliott)
  • The Invisible Man (Stefan Duscio)

Best Editing

  • Babyteeth (Steve Evans)
  • I Am Woman (Dany Cooper)
  • The Invisible Man (Andy Canny)
  • True History of the Kelly Gang (Nick Fenton)
  • Undertow (Julie-Anne De Ruvo, Nick Meyers)

Best Sound

  • Babyteeth (Sam Hayward, Angus Robertson, Rick Lisle, Nick Emond)
  • I Am Woman (Robert Mackenzie, Ben Osmo, Pete Smith, Tara Webb)
  • The Invisible Man (P.K Hooker, Will Files, Paul “Salty” Brincat)
  • Relic (Robert Mackenzie, John Wilkinson, Steve Burgess, Glenn Newnham)
  • True History of the Kelly Gang (Frank Lipson, Steve Single, Andrew Neil, Andrew Ramage)

Best Original Score

  • Babyteeth (Amanda Brown)
  • Dirt Music (Craig Armstrong)
  • H is for Happiness (Nerida Tyson-Chew)
  • I Am Woman (Rafael May)
  • True History of the Kelly Gang (Jed Kurzel)

Best Production Design

  • Babyteeth (Sherree Philips)
  • I Am Woman (Michael Turner, Richie Dehne)
  • The Invisible Man (Alex Holmes, Katie Sharrock)
  • Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (Robert Perkins)
  • True History of the Kelly Gang (Karen Murphy, Rebecca Cohen)

Best Costume Design

  • H is for Happiness (Terri Lamera)
  • I Am Woman (Emily Seresin)
  • Measure for Measure (Zohie Castellano, Olivia Simpson)
  • Standing up for Sunny (Nina Edwards)
  • True History of the Kelly Gang (Alice Babidge)


Best Documentary

  • Brazen Hussies Catherine Dwyer (Dir.), Andrea Foxworthy, Philippa Campey — Film Camp
  • Brock: Over The Top Kriv Stenders (Dir.), Veronica Fury, Alan Erson, Ruby Schmidt — Wildbear Entertainment
  • Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky Steven McGregor (Dir.), Danielle Maclean, Anna Grieve, Steven Thomas — Tamarind Tree Pictures, Roar Film
  • Better Days Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra Nel Minchin (Dir.), Wayne Blair (Dir.), Ivan O’Mahoney — In Films
  • Slim & I Kriv Stenders (Dir.), Chris Brown, Aline Jacques, James Arneman — Slim & I Productions
  • Suzi Q Liam Firmager (Dir.), Tait Brady — The ACME Film Company

Best Documentary or Factual Program

  • Ambulance Australia Margaret Bashfield, Debbie Cuell, Matthew Tomszewski — Endemol Shine Australia (Network Ten)
  • Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge Jodie Boylan, David Galloway — Lune Media (ABC)
  • Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story Ian Collie, Rob Gibson, Francine Finnane, Mark Joffe — Easy Tiger Productions (Network Ten)
  • Maralinga Tjarutja Darren Dale, Jacob Hickey — Blackfella Films (ABC)
  • Murder in the Outback: The Falconio And Lees Mystery Andrew Farrell, Matt Campbell, Bethan Arwel-Lewis, Sophie Meyrick — CJZ (Seven Network)
  • Shaun Micallef’s On The Sauce Andrew Farrell, Shaun Micallef, Paula Bycroft, Matt Campbell — CJZ (ABC)

Short Form and Online

Best Short Film

  • Chicken (Alana Hicks (Dir.) — Sleena Wilson)
  • Chlorine (Melissa Anastasi (Dir.), Jessica Carrera — Dollhouse Pictures)
  • I Want to Make a Film About Women (Karen Pearlman (Dir.), Richard James Allen, Meg White, Caitlin Yeo — The Physical TV Company)
  • Idol (Alex Wu (Dir.) — Victorian College of the Arts)
  • The Mirror (Joel Kohn (Dir.), Mike Horvath, Tom Davies — Screen Invaders / Finest Hour Company / Savvy Cinema)
  • The Moogai (Jon Bell (Dir.) Samantha Jennings, Taylor Goddard, Mitchell Stanley, Kristina Ceyton — Causeway Films / No Coincidence Media)

Best Online Drama or Comedy

  • Ding Dong I'm Gay (Joshua Longhurst, Tim Spencer, Rosie Braye, Sarah Bishop — Wintergarden Pictures)
  • Girl, Interpreted (Grace Feng Fang Juan, Nikki Tran — NG Pictures)
  • Halal Gurls (Vonne Patiag, Petra Lovrencic — In-Between Pictures)
  • KGB (Dan Riches, Luke Riches, Taryne Laffar, Lauren Elliott — Mad Kids)
  • Love in Lockdown (Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Lucy Durack, Eddie Perfect — Gristmill)
  • Patricia Moore (Chris Thompson, Blake Fraser — Cobbstar Productions / Black Sheep Films)

Best Online Entertainment

  • Bounce Patrol (Shannon Jones — Bounce Patrol)
  • Chloe Ting (Chloe Ting — Chloe Ting)
  • Do Go On (Dave Warneke, Matt Stewart, Jess Perkins, Evan Munro-Smith, Emma Sharp — Do Go On Media)
  • Fairbairn Films (Lachlan Fairbairn, Jaxon Fairbairn, Darcy Ahrns — Fairbairn Films)
  • Mighty Car Mods (Marty Mulholland, Blair Joscelyne — Mighty Car Mods)
  • The Norris Nuts (Sabre Norris, Sockie Norris, Biggie Norris, Naz Norris — The Norris Nuts)

Additional Awards

Best Asian Film

  • Beasts Clawing At Straws (Kim Yong-hoon (Dir.), Billy Acumen)
  • Better Days (Kwok Cheung Tsang (Dir.), Jojo Yuet-Jan Hui)
  • Chhapaak (Meghna Gulzar (Dir.), Deepika Padukone)
  • The Eight Hundred (Guan Hu (Dir.), Wang Zhonglei, Liang Jing)
  • First Love (Takashi Miike (Dir.), Muneyuki Kii, Misakoi Saka, Jeremy Thomas)
  • Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (Hitesh Kewalya (Dir.), Anand L.Rai, Bhushan Kumar, Himanshu Sharma, Krishnan Kumar)
  • Thappad (Anubhav Sinha (Dir.), Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Anubhav Sinha, Vinod Bhanushali)
  • Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (Sang-ho Yeon (Dir.), Dong-Ha Lee)
  • The Wild Goose Lake (Yi’nan Diao (Dir.), Yang Shen, Michel Merkt)

Best Casting

  • Babyteeth (Kirsty McGregor, Stevie Ray)
  • H Is For Happiness (Jane Norris)
  • I Am Woman (Nikki Barrett)
  • Stateless (Allison Meadows)
  • True History of the Kelly Gang (Nikki Barrett)

Best Visual Effects or Animation

  • The Eight Hundred (Tim Crosbie, Joy Wu, Jason Troughton, Tom Wood, Julian Hutchens—Rising Sun Pictures)
  • Ford V Ferrari (Olivier Dumont, Kathy Siegel, Malte Sarnes, Mark Byers, Matt Grieg—Rising Sun Pictures)
  • The Invisible Man (Jonathan Dearing, Marcus Bolton, Matt Ebb, Aevar Bjarnason—Cutting Edge Features & Television)
  • IT Chapter 2 (Jimmy Uddo, Nicholas Brooks, Josh Simmonds, Ineke Majoor—Method Studios)
  • Jumanji: The Next Level (Thomas Elder-Groebe, Mark Breakspear, Glenn Melenhorst, Ineke Majoor—Method Studios)

Best Hair and Make-Up

  • I Am Woman (Nikki Gooley, Wendy de Waal, Cassie O’Brien)
  • Operation Buffalo (Sheldon Wade, Kerryn Flewell-Smith, Cheryl Williams)
  • Preacher – Episode 8: Fear of the Lord (Chiara Tripodi, Larry Van Duynhoven, Toni Ffrench)
  • Relic (Angela Conte, Larry Van Duynhoven, Bec Taylor)
  • True History of the Kelly Gang (Kirsten Veysey)

Individual Awards

Byron Kennedy Award

  • Jennifer Kent

Reg Grundy Award

  • Steve Bedwell, Bryan Cockerill, Geraldine Coy