Produced by OldBoy Productions

Creator: Rick Donald
Producers: Catherine Mack & Rick Donald
Writer: Rick Donald
Directors: Rick Donald, Jason Perini

Aired: September - October 2021

When local radio station Heat FM has seven days to find Australia’s Sexiest Tradie, Bogan plumber Frankie Wood will go to any length to win and make his heartless father proud. As a finalist, Frankie finally has his moment in the spotlight with a documentary crew following his every move. But as the days pass, Frankie’s portrayal of his perfect life starts to show cracks. Will Frankie be crowned Australia’s Sexiest Tradie? Or will his desperate attempt to impress his father backfire and turn him into the joke of a nation?
Rick DonaldFranky Wood
Jason PeriniGrub
Peter PhelpsBoss Man Wayne
Steve Le MarquandTerry Wood
Pippa GrandisonBarbara Wood
Briallen ClarkeHammer
Annabelle StephensonSummer
Hugo Johnstone-BurtSteve
Catherine MackRachel
Callan KnightMax
Felix WilliamsonSmacker
Carla BignascaBigsie
Catherine van der RijtSarah
Fiona GillmanGilly
Ella BourneEl
Darren SabadinaTony
Benjamin BarberAntony
Laurence BrewerDylan
cast photo

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