Produced by Charlie Baby Productions and Astronauts Wanted

Executive Producers: Cassidy Lunnen; Nick Shore, Kim Rosen
Producers: Sean McEwan, Tammin Sursok; Cassidy Lunnen, Jessica Wilde
Writers: Sean McEwen & Tammin Sursok
Directors: Sean McEwen & Tammin Sursok

Released: September 01, 2019 (9Now)

Loosely based on Tammin Sursok's life circumstance, the story takes place at the exact moment when her career in Australia takes a wickedly-delicious-but-horrific turn for the worse and she is forced to get the hell outta Dodge and try to make it in the selfie-obsessed world of Los Angeles.
Tammin SursokTammin Sursok
Tom ArnoldDad
Kate FlanneryMum
Abigail KleinTrisha Pilthmore
Shanna MalcolmAJ
Chris CappellioJohn Higgins
Byron LaneAndrew

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