Audrey's Kitchen: episode guide

Ultimate Breakfast Omelette

Episode 1.01
July 14, 2012

Food writer, teacher, celebrity chef and life coach Audrey shows how to make her ultimate Breakfast Omelette. A delicious combination of cheeses, butter and crme fraiche, it's a heavenly, cholesterol-filled start to any day.

Chinese Calamari Stir Fry

Episode 1.02
July 21, 2012

Audrey Gordon shows the way to cook the ultimate Asian dish — Stir-Fried Calamari — by using fresh ingredients (along with some not so fresh but covered in sauce).

Honey Lemon Chicken With Cous Cous

Episode 1.03
July 28, 2012

Audrey Gordon demonstrates how to make Honey Lemon Chicken with Couscous, while simultaneously resolving family concerns centring round her sister-in-law's weight issues.

Aromatic Lamb Shank Stew

Episode 1.04
August 04, 2012

Epicurean, gourmand and colourful racing identity Audrey Gordon continues her celebration of gastronomic delights. This time it's her 'Vegetarian Surprise', the surprise being that it actually contains lamb. According to Audrey, it's comfort food of the most uncomfortable variety.

Mango Chicken Salad

Episode 1.05
August 11, 2012

A lover of all things outdoors, teacher, food writer and molecular gastronomist Audrey Gordon goes tropical in this with a delicious Mango Chicken Salad on the menu. Not only does she advise on the correct method of cutting mangoes and roasting chicken perfectly, she also details the benefits of outdoor dining as a method of keeping guests out of the house.

Pasta With Smoked Salmon

Episode 1.06
August 18, 2012

Leading a hectic social life with lots of domestic appliance launches, celebrity chef Audrey Gordon still finds time to whip up a simple supper. Her Smoked Salmon Pasta with cheese, cream and carbs is perfect for dieters.

Pepper Steak

Episode 1.07
August 25, 2012

Author, teacher, chef and licensed firearm dealer Audrey Gordon demonstrates the art of cooking steak. All this while discussing health issues, correct use of peppercorns and extra-marital relations.

Poached Peaches

Episode 1.08
September 01, 2012

Food writer, teacher, celebrity chef and clairvoyant Audrey Gordon tackles Poached Pears, along with global issues such as world poverty and the alarming spread of vegetarianism. Whilst not all viewers will agree with her opinions, it's hard to argue with someone holding a serrated knife.

Thai Style Baked Fish

Episode 1.09
September 08, 2012

Putting all fishmongers' skills to the test, chef, sommelier and aromatherapist Audrey Gordon demonstrates how to make a delicious Thai Style Baked Fish. Smothered in garlic, ginger, lemongrass, coriander and chillies, along with a spicy paste, this dish is so hot it cannot be served on Total Fire Ban days.

Rhubarb Crumble

Episode 1.10
September 15, 2012

Writer, chef, life coach and choreographer Audrey Gordon prepares a classic Rhubarb Crumble. It is a recipe handed down from her mother, who would still make it but Audrey can't let her near sharp objects.

Rabbit Stew With Mushrooms

Episode 2.01
October 07, 2013

Audrey shows how to make a traditional French Rabbit Stew with Mushrooms. She also imparts family anecdotes and provides a demonstration on how to dismember a rabbit.

Baked Blueberry Cheesecake

Episode 2.02
October 14, 2013

Audrey scours her mother's recipe book for a treat — Baked Blueberry Cheesecake. There is also advice on what to do with vegetarians, the medicinal qualities of fresh blueberries and the impact of food colouring on children.

Shepherd's Pie

Episode 2.03
October 21, 2013

Audrey demonstrates how to make a classic Shepherd's Pie, the perfect meal for presumptuous visitors expecting a feed. She also reveals her thoughts on purple carrots and her family's secret ingredient for Beef Rissoles.

Glazed Duck

Episode 2.04
October 28, 2013

Audrey embraces Asian cooking and makes substantial improvements to this recipe of Glazed Duck. The full recipe comes with Christmas gift suggestions including a muslin bag filled with gizzard, heart and liver.

Truffle Risotto

Episode 2.05
November 04, 2013

Audrey tackles Risotto — the undoing of many a chef. Sophisticated, impressive and heavy on the cream — Audrey advises viewers to invest in a jog the following day or a pair of elastic pants.

Vietnamese Pork

Episode 2.06
November 11, 2013

Audrey shares her inspiration behind Vietnamese Pork. An authentic dish based on her experience of Vietnamese cooking, smells, colours and sewing measurements.

Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb

Episode 2.07
November 18, 2013

Audrey keeps things spicy by cooking a cheap and cheerful Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb. She reminisces of travels through Morocco and the unfortunate theft of her bag in Marrakesh.

BBQ Shish Taouk

Episode 2.08
November 25, 2013

Audrey gives safety advice for outdoor BBQ cooking with this Lebanese Shish Taouk recipe. She also imparts advice on Omega 6 (or 8) and some great cutting board tips.

Organic Chocolate Cake

Episode 2.09
December 02, 2013

Audrey bakes a delicious rich Organic Chocolate Cake. Interweaving recipe details with her unique driving tips, this Episode 2.0is sure to delight!

Spanish Paella

Episode 2.10
December 09, 2013

Audrey cleans out her larder finding the perfect ingredients for a Spanish paella. With a wise warning about seafood quality, she also gives her opinion on the hazards of living in monsoon flood areas.