Produced by Air Programs International

Producer: Walter J. Hucker
Director: Zoran Janjic
Writers: Alex Buzo, Rod Hull, Lyle Martin, M Robertson, John Palmer

Produced: 1966 - 1968 (ABC)

Dungeons, dragons, wizards, witches, spells, castles, moats, duels, knights and princesses. It's the magical world of Camelot acted out in a way you've never seen before. More hysterical than historical this is one very warped account of merry old England. All the favourite characters are there. King Arthur and his magic sword Excalibur, Queen Guinevere, the dashing Sir Lancelot, the Evil Witch, her dastardly Black Knight and, of course, Merlin the Magician. Camelot was never this much fun. The first Australian-produced animated series. (36 x 30min + 1 x 60min)
Starringas the voice of
John MeillonKing Arthur
Lola BrooksGuinevere, Morgana le Fay
John Ewart?
Kevin Golsby?
Matthew O'Sullivan?

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