Produced by Air Programs International Pty. Ltd

Producer: Walter J. Hucker
Director: Leif Gram
Writer: Chet Stover
Music: John Sangster

Aired: 1972

A wager. A race against time. An adventure that spans the globe. Jules Verne's classic tale was always a natural for animation. Join the resourceful and resilient Phileas Fogg and his faithful companion Passepartout as they match wits with the scheming Lord Maze and his bumbling crony, Mr Fix. The object, to circle the globe in 80 days. A difficult enough task made all the harder by Mr Fix's constant attempts to sabotage their journey every step of the way. (16 x 30min)
Starringas the voice of
Alistair DuncanPhileas Fogg
Ross HigginsJean Passepartout
Max OsbistonMr. Fix
Owen WeingottLord Maze
Janet WaldoBelinda Maze
Rick JonesGrandma Tadpole
Rick JonesOscar
Sonia BallA.J.
Episode List
1. London
2. Paris
3. Switzerland
4. Rome
5. Pompei
6. Port Atranto
7. Athens
8. Egypt
8. Palmira
10. Elephant Wearing Glasses
11. India
12. Japan
13. California
14. Golden Rail Spike
15. New Orleans
16. Homecoming
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