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Answered By Fire, Part Two

Australia: Sunday, June 04, 2006 (ABC)
Canada: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 (CBC)

Inspired by true events, David Wenham stars in this extraordinary story of a country's birth by fire. After the East Timorese vote for independence from Indonesia, the militia teams begin to burn the country to the ground.

Mark (David Wenham) and Julie (Isabelle Blais) lead what's left of their team into Dili, to find chaos in the streets and the city in flames. A desperate Madalena (Fatima Almeida) tries to call home for news of her father and brother, but to no avail; and Mark's request to return to Nunura to search for them is denied.

As the UN contingent hunkers down within the compound, a group of 1500 Timorese create an improvised refugee camp next door. Their hopes of safety evaporate late one night as TNI soldiers start firing over the heads of the terrified refugees. In a panic, the Timorese rush the UN gate, climbing over the compound wall and right into razor wire. New York orders the UN mission to evacuate to Darwin. Reading the signs, Madalena slips out of the compound and into the hills... back to Nunura, to find her brother and father.

Meanwhile, the militia have already found them, hiding with other locals in the Nunura church. They offer a deal: if Joao agrees to turn himself in, the rest are free to go. Joao accepts, but Ismenio insists on going with him and his worst fears become reality.

Once back home, Mark and Julie are each haunted by guilt, and driven to make amends to the people they tried - and failed - to protect.

Both return to the smoking ruins of East Timor, bent on seeking some kind of justice for the Timorese. What they find instead is their own salvation.