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Episode 1

Wednesday, March 03, 2021 (9pm, Nine)
504,000 viewers (11th)
Writer: Jonathan Gavin
Director: Shawn Seet

Behind the doors of St Brigid’s birthing centre is a captivating world of new life, love and deceit, and right at its heart is Grace (Kate Jenkinson), a beautifully flawed midwife whose world is turned upside down when Sophia (Alexandra Jensen), the daughter she gave up for adoption 17 years ago, arrives unannounced and pregnant.

Sophia’s arrival rocks Grace’s world and brings into question all the decisions that have brought her to this point in life.

While she struggles to come to terms with this bombshell, her midwifery family face challenges of their own: trainee Max (Ben O’Toole), an ex-army medic navigating his first day on the job; midwife Sasha (Kat Hoyos), secretly struggling with the emotional demands of the job; and unit manager Laney (Catherine Văn-Davies), who is in a tangled affair with hospital executive Paul (Luke Ford).

Grace’s messy world is further challenged by her complex relationship with her mother Diane (Sigrid Thornton), the demands of Sophia’s adoptive father Kirk (Alex Dimitriades) and her ex-husband Jim (Ben Mingay) wanting to sell the house from under her.

Relationships will be tested to the very core. Scarred by secrets, love and lies, can one new life unite this fractured family?

Midwife Grace Creswell's world is turned upside down when the daughter she gave up for adoption 17 years ago arrives at her hospital, unannounced and pregnant.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Camila Ponte Alvarez as Birthing Mother
  • Kate Jenkinson as Grace
  • Michael Cameron as Birthing Father
  • Catherine Vän-Davies as Laney
  • Alexandra Jensen as Sophia
  • Ben Mingay as Jim
  • Ben O'Toole as Max
  • Sigrid Thornton as Diane
  • Luke Ford as Paul
  • Ainslie McGlynn as Renee
  • Kat Hoyos as Sasha
  • Erica Long as Ying Yue
  • Gabrielle Chan as Interpreter
  • Catherine Mack as Bonnie
  • Sam O'Sullivan as Doug
  • Hazel Houston & Ace Brown as Eadie
  • Kaeng Chan as Evan
  • Alex Dimitriades as Kirk