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Return to Oz

CRAIG McLachlan is not afraid to reminisce about his days as the man with the mullet. In fact, he relishes the chance to take a stroll down memory lane (namely Ramsey Street). "The whole Neighbours experience was amazing for me–that classic Minogue-Donovan period as I refer to it; the Jason-Kylie era," McLachlan says.

"I understand the show still does well, but honestly, nothing compares to that crazy period of Scott and Charlene . . . and Henry, of course. I love the fact that Henry occupies an affectionate place in the hearts of most Aussies . . . (but) I don't necessarily know that haircut was particularly wise."

McLachlan is back in Australia after an extended stay in the UK, and his current role as smooth real-estate boss Greg Graham in Seven's Always Greener is a far cry from the long-haired, overall-clad larrikin character which shot him to stardom in the '80s.

Happy to be back, McLachlan is looking forward to spending more time on his home turf in Sydney.

"I only ever envisaged being in England for nine months–the work just kept coming, and I just thought . . . that seems like a good thing to do," he says.

"Before I knew it, the best part of a decade was gone."

McLachlan gushes about his involvement in the telemovie Heroes' Mountain, screened recently on Channel 10.

He plans to pursue more film work this year, possibly in the US, and feels confident he has successfully shaken the soap tag.

"When I made the decision to move back to Australia last year, I thought, it's about changing people's perceptions by degrees, so I made the decision to really look at doing things that people wouldn't necessarily expect me to do," he says.

"And with the Always Greener thing, I was close to finishing the Stuart Diver movie and they approached me–it hadn't even aired yet, and I said 'Let me have a look at it first'. As soon as I saw an exploding flatulent cow, I thought I would jump in."

Always Greener, Channel 7, Sunday, 7.30pm.

Kathryn Torpy
April 11, 2002
The Courier Mail