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Tales that move viewers

ALWAYS Greener creator Bevan Lee is unconvinced that his show, along with SeaChange, have made such a difference in the real world and are the inspiration for people to follow his characters' leads and head out of the city.

He does, however, say he wouldn't mind a "kickback from the real estate agents if that's the case".

"I don't think we are examining something that has not been there for hundreds of years," Lee says.

"I'm sure when Apollo was sitting at the top of the Acropolis he was probably thinking, 'hmmmm, wonder what they're doing out in the 'burbs, out in Delphi' but when he got there he was probably wondering what they were doing back at the Acropolis. It's all about going somewhere where you get a different feeling from where you were."

Lee hates any comparison between his program and SeaChange, but says the idea of being a fish out of water seemed to appeal to a wide audience.

"What they do have in common are people and relationships and moving, and actor John Howard, although the two roles are very different.

I have had this idea for Always Greener kicking around in my head since I was a writer on Sons and Daughters, [in the early 1980s].

"Over the years I would visit country friends and they were like 'we're going insane out here' while my city friends wanted to move to the country.

"Everyone assumes that moving to rural/city places will solve their problems but you still take yourself with you."

March 28, 2002
Daily Telegraph