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the creative minds behind Always Greener

The creative minds behind Always Greener, (from left) Bevan Lee, Margaret Wilson, Tracy Trinder, Chris Bates, and Antony Ellis.

Always Greener is the story of two families who dare to give it a go.

Every city dweller dreams about dropping out of the rat race and moving to the country. Every country dweller occasionally wonders what it would be like to give it a crack in the Big Smoke. We all contemplate what it would be like to pack up your life and go in search of new beginnings. We all ponder at some time or another what it might be like to swap lives with someone.

’What appealed to me was that in essence, [it’s] about people dealing with change and either embracing change or having it thrust upon them,’ explains Kevin Carlin, one of Australia’s most experienced directors, with recent credits including All Saints and Blue Heelers. He loved Bevan Lee’s concept for the series and the pilot episode script by screenwriter Anthony Ellis. ’I wanted to create something that was real, something which people would respond to as truth. The show looks at family in a very real way across the spectrum,’ explains Carlin.

While definite family viewing, the show touches on contemporary issues honestly, without the blue glow of manufactured-family TV values. On the contrary, Always Greener was conceived as a format through which a more candid portrayal of inner workings of a modern family could operate.

"It was so refreshing to read a script where family relationships were written realistically - where father doesn’t necessarily know best, and where there’s a healthy, workable level of dysfunction."

But as the Taylors and Todds soon realize, changing your lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean your problems disappear. In fact, it usually brings them into sharper focus. But growing up and moving forward is hard to do. You cannot make productive changes in your life unless you are willing to admit, with open eyes, exactly what your shortcomings are.

Always Greener will explore the emotional highs and dramatic lows of the Todds’ and Taylors’ new lives. Country ways and city ways don’t always mix. But even though tested at times, each will confront the radical change in their lifestyles with optimism and strength and a good deal of humour.

Director Kevin Carlin: The conflict of stories that emanate from this material therefore have the veracity that I believe audiences will identify with and enjoy. [It’s] good drama, but also has the chance to explore the humour of ’fish out of water’ scenarios."

Always Greener is shot on location in and around the Sydney metropolitan area. The country scenes are centred on the historic town of Camden just outside Sydney, with the inner-city location filming at Glebe. It boasts a unique hand-picked cast, with Australia’s pre-eminent actors combined with some fresh-faced talent.