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Episode 1.04

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 (ABC)
290,000 viewers (19th)
Written by Matthew Bate
Directed by Jonathan Brough

When his latest outburst goes viral, volatile celebrity chef Easton West flees back to his hometown and tries to reinvent himself through an unlikely partnership with his 19-year-old pastry wunderkind niece.

As the restaurant prepares to open to industry and press, Easton has gone full control freak, which pushes Diana to serve a dessert not on the menu.


  • Erik Thomson as Easton West
  • Natalie Abbott as Diana
  • Kavitha Anandasivam as Nayani
  • Justin Amankwah as Kwame
  • Peter Carroll as Jim
  • Rachel Griffiths as Margot
  • Wayne Blair as Brett
  • Susan Prior as Denise
  • Elena Carapetis as Vassiliki
  • Chantal Contouri as Mama
  • Michaela Burger as Vassiliki's Sister [Maureen]
  • Remy Hii as Ben Zhao
  • Shea O'Malley as Frangipani Fanny