Produced by Godfrey Productions and the Australian Broadcasting Commission

Creators: John Michael Howson, Godfrey Phillips
Producer: Godfrey Phillips
Director: Godfrey Phillips
Writers: John Michael Howson, Peter Homewood
Aired: 1967-1973 (1140 x 30 min)

Adventure Island was a popular television series for children which screened on the ABC from 1967 to 1972. The show was a pantomime-style series set in the kingdom of Diddley-Dum-Diddley.
Nancy CatoHost (1967-1969)
Sue DonovanHost (1969-1973)
Ernie BourneFester Fumble/Captain Crook/Crispian Cockatoo/
Samson/Maxie Mouse
Burt CooperSquire Squeezum
Brian CrossleyMrs Flower Potts/Gracie Galah
Marion EdwardDodo Panda
Robert EssexMiser Meanie
Mike HardyWanda Wise
Liz HarrisLiza
Peter Homewood Giggles Goblin
Patsy KingMiss Behaviour
John Michael HowsonClown
Colin McEwanMiser Meanie/Gussie Galah
Jack ManuelPercy Panda/Serendipity House
James SmilieSmilie Jim
Carole WalkerBetty Bruin
Vivean GrayMother Sparkle
Leonard Teale--
Brian Hannan--
Mary Hardy--
Lindsay Edwards--

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