DAAS Kapital: episode guide


Episode 1.1
April 01, 1991

Tim and Paul are to attend the Rhino Ball, but alas Richard will be stuck at home cleaning... that is until his fairy godfish offers him a little help.


Episode 1.2

It's Paul's birthday, but it looks as though everyone's forgotten.


Episode 1.3

It's Sunday, and everyone is bored... that is, until they decide to play a few 'games' to fill in the time.


Episode 1.4

After a scout jamboree, each of the boys must go through their own personal journey of self exploration. Richard must overcome his demons to gain courage, Tim must find a brain, and surely Paul has a heart somewhere inside him?


Episode 1.5

It's Bastille Day on the Titanic II, and Tim and Richard finally decide to do something about Paul's alcoholism.


Episode 1.6

The ship is infested with cockroaches and Paul sets out on a quest to fix the problem... However the Ferguson family curse starts to catch up with Tim as he slowly morphs into a cockroach himself.


Episode 1.7

It's the last day on board the Titanic II, however there is a problem... one of the boys is a robot set to self-destruct before they can leave.


Episode 2.1

Now drifting through space, the boys must fill out an official census. Meanwhile, Tim has decided to run for Shitzu Tonka World Leader.


Episode 2.2

Earth has declared open season on jazz musicians, so the Marquis de Sade travels to space to avoid being killed. The boys decide to use their collection of jazz records to get back to Earth.


Episode 2.3

After the boys discover a miracle, the new Pope pays them a visit, while Tim and Richard prepare for the corruption of the Brain of St Peter.


Episode 2.4

When the Titanic II is confronted by a UFO, they discover that Paul is, in fact, an alien. Another alien asks him to help complete experiments on Tim and Richard, but can Paul go through with it?


Episode 2.5

A mysterious 'comet' flies over the Titanic II on Christmas, leading the boys to find a baby in a manger.


Episode 2.6

A planned picnic on Friday the 13th results in the boys hopelessly lost, confronting gremlins, a witch and a prince.


Episode 2.7

The boys discover they have ten hours until they are to be hit by a meteor shower. With the engine out of commission, they also must cope with a strange visitor.