Produced by Brindle Films and Princess Pictures

Executive Producers: Andrea Denholm, Laura Waters
Producers: Rachel Clements, Trisha Morton-Thomas, Anna Cadden
Writers: Trisha Morton-Thomas, Danielle MacLean, Sonja Dare
Directors: Dena Curtis, Adrian Russell Wills

Airing: April 29, 2015...

8MMM Aboriginal Radio in Alice Springs runs on the smell of an oily rag, the enthusiasm of its motley Indigenous crew and the misguided intentions of the whitefellas in charge. For the 3Ms of Alice Springs — the missionaries, mercenaries and misfits — saving Aboriginal people from themselves is hard work. Especially Aboriginal people who expect to be heard on the radio and in the office. (6x30min)
Geoff MorrellDave Cross
Shari SebbensJessie
Ian MeadowsJake
Trisha Morton-ThomasLola
Laura HughesKoala
Elaine CrombieMilly Wilkinson
Zac JamesJampajinpa
cast photo

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