800 Words: episode guide

Episode 3.09 (32)


Tue, Aug 14, 2018 (8:45)
507,000 viewers (15th)
Written by James Griffin and Kate McDermott
Directed by Mike Smith

800 WORDS continues in 2018 with more heart-warming and uplifting drama. After Woody and Tracey's fairy-tale wedding, George was faced with an unexpected ultimatum — help his ex-girlfriend Fiona fulfil her dream of becoming a mother or pursue a new romance with Katie.

George gets an unexpected visitor after making his big decision. Arlo tries to navigate the Lindsay situation. Monty surprises everybody when he hooks up with Ngahuia again.

With: Bridie Carter as Jan, Peter Elliott as Big Mac, Jonny Brugh as Monty, Alex Tarrant as Ike, Reon Te Aorangi Bell as Billy, Rob Kipa-Williams as Zac, John Leigh as Constable Tom, Manon Blackman as Lindsay, Paul Glover as Bill Jnr, Olivia Tennet as Siouxsie, Renee Lyons as Brenda, Jesse Griffin as Sean, Dave Fane as Smiler, Lynette Forday as Nurse Crabbe, Miriama Smith as Ngahuia, Jessica Redmayne as Poppy, Tandi Wright as Laura Turner

Episode 3.10 (33)

Tue, August 21, 2018
Written by
Directed by

George's romantic night with Katie unravels. Fiona's baby plans hit an emotional and financial snag. Boot camp comes to Weld.


Episode 3.11 (34)

Tue, August 28, 2018
Written by
Directed by

George and Katie test their new relationship with a winter camp. Arlo and Poppy grow closer while Shay struggles with Ike moving on and Big Mac has a grand tourist plan for Weld.