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kiss the turtle!

WORST BEST FRIENDS revolves around the life of Roger Thesaurus, whose two best friends are worst enemies! Eleven year old Thesaurus' is devoted to his mouth organ, his dog Chewbarker, his key ring collection and his tropical fish. When the rough and tumble Dusting turns up uninvited determined to be his best friend, Thesaurus is in trouble. You see, Thesaurus already has another kind of best friend and her name is Millicent. Millicent and Thesaurus were born in the same hospital on the same day, and according to her this means they are bound to each other forever. Whenever Millicent and Dusting vie for Thesaurus' attention, sparks begin to fly!

Celebrating the absurdities of childhood, WORST BEST FRIENDS charts Thesaurus' course through the minefield of playground politics and family issues. As his parent's marriage slowly disintegrates, Millicent and Dusting are provided the inspiration for many hair brained schemes and desperate measures to save Thesaurus' sanity and win his friendship.

Conceived and written by award winning novelist and script-writer Max Dann, WORST BEST FRIENDS features characters from Max's highly successful children's book series ('Adventures with My Worst Best Friend', 'Going Bananas', and 'Dusting in Love'.)