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Seven gets set for Winners and Losers

MONTHS of anticipation for fans of Australian TV drama should end this week when Channel Seven announces the airdate for their newest series Winners and Losers.

The show follows four high school friends, the losers in school, who reconnect at their reunion.

Frances — or Frank, a former school netball player is now a high flying executive.

Sophie — or So Wong was on the path to be a doctor but life happened and the former fuller-figured girl is now a mega-babe personal trainer.

Bec — the one that could have been popular if it weren't for the group she chose has married her high school sweetheart and is still best friends with Jenny.

Jenny — whose nicknames aren't fit to be repeated was the most picked on and her life hasn't changed much.

But something will happen in these girls lives that could take them from being the serial losers to finally being the winners.

The series is created by the same team that brought us Packed to the Rafters and includes many of the elements that make Rafters so popular and according to cast member Virginia Gay there is plenty for audiences to relate too.

"I think everyone has had an horrific time in high school," she said.

"Everybody is fascinated about it, everybody hated high school.

"When you get older, mostly you are just wearing the clothes of a grown up and the high heel shoes but the inside there is a kid trying to nut your way through life."

But there is more than just reliving your high school terror to look forward to.

Denise Scott, who plays Jenny's mother Trish reckons the series harks back to another aussie favourite.

"I liken it to some extent to the family in the castle," she said.

"That salt of the earth working class Aussie battling family."

Virginia and Denise are joined by Melanie Vallejo, Melissa Bergland, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith and Blair McDonough.

By Nathanael Cooper
March 07, 2011
The Courier-Mail