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A former Parkes school teacher is now a leading stunt man on the hit new TV series, Wild Boys which screens on Channel Seven.

David Cameron taught at Parkes High School from 2005 to 2008, leaving for Sydney to pursue his love of horses.

But out of the blue came a call to do stunt work on the TV series which deals with a group of bushrangers.

David said yesterday it had been a great experience being involved with the hit series and he was now keen to take his stunt work to another level to secure further work.

'It certainly pays better than casual teaching,' he joked.

David is actually a Forbes boy (the son of Graham and Mandy) and lived at home while he taught here in Parkes.

'I was good friends with Joe Spicer at university, and he was here in Parkes with another friend, James Armitage.

'I was able to get a position here and taught PE and in other areas of the school.'

David said his girlfriend (Tallara Barwick) was settled in Sydney so he moved and gave up teaching to concentrate on his horses.

'It enabled us to then devote our time to our horses, and we now have a business of training show jumpers and three-day eventers.'

David has competed extensively in show jumping, taking part in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane royals shows, and as far as Cairns.

'I've been doing it since I was about 10 years old, and competed in Parkes every year except 2010.'

In fact, David only finished filming on Wild Boys on the Friday, before bringing a team of eight horses to this year's Parkes Show on the Sunday - the day before competing.

'Parkes is a really good jumping program and I did pretty well,' he said.

'We like to bring our horses out to the agricultural shows because it exposes them to different surrounds like the sideshows, fireworks etc and make them better horses.

'While there, I was also able to catch up with some of my former teacher mates, which was terrific.'

- - - -

David said his involvement with Wild Boys came completely out of the blue.

'Apparently they tried heaps of stunt men but were unable to get anyone who could do the job, and through word of mouth, they contacted us.

'I ended up working on the set from April to the Friday before the Parkes Show.'

(Wild Boys appeared on screens the following week, topping the ratings).

'I rode doubles for six characters, but my main one was Michael Dorman who has one of the leading roles, that of Dan, the gambling, girl chasing bushranger.'

David did everything from jumping off wagons on to horses, shoot outs on horses, vaulting galloping.

'I was on set at least three days every week, for between two and 14 hours….it was full on.

'It's a good industry. The pay is good, it sure beats casual teaching.

'I am now doing a grading to increase the level of stunt work. I'm keen to do more, but specialising in horse work.'

Would he like to appear in front of the camera?

'No way, I'll stick with the fun stuff,' he said. 'It's the stuff we used to do as kids, playing cowboys and Indians and the like.'

David said shooting of Wild Boys would resume in January and he would again be involved with the show.

'I'm flat out with show jumping at the moment, Forbes and then the Australian championships in Dubbo in October.

'But if another horse movie comes up, I certainly wouldn't knock it back.'

September 16, 2011
Parkes Champion Post