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Action packed ... A scene from TV series, Wild Boys.

Channel Seven's 'Wild Boys'

SADDLE up, folks - the great Aussie bushranger is about to ride again.

Mercifully, the Ned Kelly tin mask is missing as Wild Boys star Daniel MacPherson gives the iconic anti-hero a new edge, swapping his Dancing With The Stars tuxedo for a gritty leading role in Channel 7's new drama series.

And for a generation which hasn't seen the stories of our pioneering past told on the small screen, bushrangers have never looked so good.

Series producers Julie McGauran and Sarah Smith sold the network on the historical drama after monster ratings with another period piece, Downton Abbey.

By tweaking the history lesson to fit with contemporary audiences, the show has found its modern "vigour" in the chemistry between MacPherson and bushranger co-star Michael Dorman (Blood Brothers).

From a dry sense of humour to sizzling sexual tension between MacPherson and his on-screen, off-screen love interest Zoe Ventoura, producers have put the wild into Wild Boys.

McGauran credits the cheeky scenes between MacPherson and Dorman for giving the cinematic-looking series its charm.

"It's a great pleasure watching them bounce off each other," she said.

Production on the series, shot at Windsor, Wilberforce and the Central Coast, wrapped yesterday.

Wild Boys premieres next Sunday at 7.30pm.

By Holly Byrnes
August 27, 2011
The Daily Telegraph