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White Collar Blue To Finish In November

Network Ten today announced that White Collar Blue would not return for a third series.

TEN's general manager - network programming, David Mott, said funding constraints had forced TEN to the decision.

Although the Network had worked closely with White Collar Blue producers, Knapman Wyld, in securing overseas finance, the international market for police/detective dramas had become intensely competitive in the past 12 to 24 months, Mr Mott said.

Facing such a difficult sell in key territories, Network Ten had determined it could not continue to carry the program deficit.

"We've had two terrific series of White Collar Blue on TEN," Mr Mott said.

"The show's performance has been gathering momentum, particularly in Sydney.

"I have rarely worked with a more driven crew, and would like to thank them for delivering two series which we are all exceptionally proud of."

Sue Masters, TEN's head of drama, commented: "I'd like to congratulate the White Collar Blue team for two remarkable series.

"Knapman Wyld's commitment to script and production excellence makes the decision not to proceed particularly heartbreaking."

Mr Mott and Ms Masters added that White Collar Blue was commissioned before the flood of new police/crime dramas came onto the international market, including: CSI:Miami, Without a Trace, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and The Shield.

With the added competition from established Australian police dramas, White Collar Blue faced the toughest of odds.

They also noted that White Collar Blue was the only new Australian drama launched on commercial television in the second half of 2002 to be renewed for 2003.

Explaining the timing, Mr Mott said that TEN could have waited until the end of 2003, when its contract with the show expired. But, as the financing situation looked so precarious, TEN thought it best to inform the team now.

We wanted to afford the cast and crew maximum scope to move on to new projects, Mr Mott said

We thank them all for the terrific program they created for TEN, and we've sure there will be future opportunites to work closely.

Network Ten Pty Ltd
August 05, 2003