White Collar Blue: about

White Collar Blue

Peter O'Brien and Freya Stafford

Joe Hill is a man used to getting his own way.

Harriet Walker is about to change all that.

Kingsway is the frontline in the war against crime. The detectives fight to preserve the Pacific Paradise we all enjoy. Crime knows no boundaries—from the Miami like streets of Sylvania Waters, all dark glass and pontoons, to the towering cranes on the Container Wharves of Botany Bay, bordered by the white beaches and blue water between Monterey and Hungry Point. This is our world. It’s tough. It’s beautiful. Dangerous. A contradiction.

Kingsway Major Crime Squad is run by experienced senior cop, Detective Senior Sergeant Ted Hudson (Richard Carter).

Ted relies heavily on Joe Hill (Peter O’Brien), a streetwise detective with vast local experience and plenty of attitude. Joe has two kids, two ex-wives and a girlfriend, Nicole (Jodie Dry) who’d like to make it a trifecta.

Sophia Marinkovitch, (Brooke Satchwell) is Joe’s protégé. She’s a young rookie detective, half Polish, with a heart of pure Aussie gold. But Sophia has a secret…

The other ‘kid on the block’ is Theo Rahme (Don Hany), handsome star pupil of the Academy. He has everything going for him; except for his ruthless determination to succeed at all costs.

Into this team comes Harriet Walker (Freya Stafford). Harriet, Joe’s new partner represents everything he hates—middle class, educated, connected, and worst of all, was once a Fed.

Harriet is also trying to lay to rest some of her own demons: The death of her husband in grisly circumstances, the cloud of suspicion over her own possible involvement—it’s far from a perfect start to a new working relationship.

But somehow, some way, Harriet has to make this new job work.

And with Joe you kind of know up front that’s never going to be easy.