Produced by Gristmill Pty Ltd

Executive Producers: Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Geoff Porz, Greg Sitch
Producers: Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope
Writers: Wayne Hope, Gary McCaffrie, Robyn Butler
Director: Daina Reid

Aired: September 03 - October 08, 2008 (ABC)

Don Angel is a small businessman - the backbone of this great country's great economy. But if that's true, it's no thanks to him. After numerous unsuccessful business ventures, now Don's one man publishing empire is hurtling towards liquidation. His debts are mounting, his stomach's killing him, his wife has left him and he's just hired Ray Leonard as his journalist. Taking his first tentative steps back into the workplace after a six-year battle with depression, Ray enters a world totally alien to him. He's come from being a noted social commentator for 'The Australian' to writing advertorial for "Wilson's Woodwind and Brass" Autumn Sale - which might just be his cure. It's a marriage made in heaven - at least until the Tax Office gets there. (6 x 30 min)

A sequel, Back in Very Small Business, aired in 2018

Wayne HopeDon Angel
Kim GyngellRay Leonard Leonard
Queenie Van De ZandtTina Angel
Molly DanielsSamantha Angel
Lenny LyonAlex Angel
Emma LeonardLeslie
Geoff PaineLloyd
Ian BlissTony Orsini
Sally CooperJanet Wilson
cast photo

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