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Les Hill

Prime time… Les Hill.

Me, a sex symbol? Didn't see it coming

Two months ago Les Hill was an ex-soap actor with the kind of face people noticed, but weren't quite sure why.

These days he turns heads wherever he goes, the most-recognised star of television's hottest series.

Hill, 34, plays murdered Melbourne underworld figure Jason Moran in Channel Nine's crime drama, Underbelly.

"It is a great character - by far the most interesting character I've had to play - in what is an amazing story. It's given me the chance to show a little more of what I can do and there's no doubt it's helped raise my profile," he said.

In a twist Hill is at a loss to explain, the role has delivered him sex symbol status.

"I certainly didn't see that coming," said Hill, who lives in Sydney with girlfriend Katie Shortland. "I don't know what it is with girls and bad boys. I have no idea why girls have this attraction for bad boys, there should be a research grant for that at one of the universities."

The role of Jason Moran, described by a character in Underbelly as "five-foot-eight with this huge ego and an even bigger mouth", has proved perfect for Hill. He dominates every scene with an explosive presence - and doors have begun to open.

"I just did a spot in The Pacific [Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks-produced sequel to Band Of Brothers] … It's quite exciting that this side of my world is opening up into where I've always wanted to go."

By Scott Ellis
Photo: Danielle Smith
March 09, 2008
Sydney Morning Herald