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Gangster divorcee Roberta Williams visits TV drama set

GANGSTER divorcee Roberta Williams has turned up at the set of Underbelly, searching for the actor who will play her in the drama about Melbourne's underworld.

Kat Stewart was not on set that day, but it's been rumoured Williams -- the former wife of serial killer Carl Williams (played by Gyton Grantley) -- wanted to give her a few tips on gangland life.

Williams, a convicted drug trafficker herself, apparently stumbled upon the western suburbs set of television drama Underbelly last month, and asked to be let in, but left without argument when told that filming was closed.

It is believed other underworld people portrayed in the series have also visited the set of the big-budget Channel 9 show.

Stewart declined to comment on Williams' impromptu visit, but said she felt the pressure of playing a real person.

"In terms of meaty scripts and a rich full-blooded character, it doesn't get much better than this," she said.

"Roberta Williams is a dream role. It's a huge responsibility to do justice to her."

September 20, 2007
Herald Sun