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Underbelly full of lies, says gangland killer

GANGLAND killer Carl Williams has ripped into Channel 9's crime hit Underbelly, saying it is full of lies and wrongly makes him out to be an idiot.

In letters to his mother from Victoria's Barwon Prison, Williams — played by Gyton Grantley in the show — wrote that he was pleased it had been banned in the state.

Williams is serving three life sentences for organising the murders of Jason Moran, Lewis Moran and Mark Mallia. He is also serving a concurrent 25-year sentence for a failed conspiracy to murder Mario Condello.

"I don't mind them telling the truth about me, but telling lies and painting me out like some kind of d**khead who is brain dead — well that's just bulls**t," he stormed.

The outburst is among a series of shocking revelations handed to Channel 7 reporter Norm Beaman.

Williams, who is linked to the deaths of up to 12 men and is allowed no direct access to the media, also insists he killed only in self-defence.

"I am the first to admit that I wish that I could turn back time and what happened never did… although I must confess I am certainly not ashamed of the lengths I was forced to take to protect myself and my loved ones," he wrote in the letters, reported by Fairfax today.

"I killed or played a role in killing people who were planning to kill me and for that I have lost my freedom for the best part of my life. Every day soldiers have to kill the enemy, otherwise the enemy will kill them.

"I am no saint… but the people I killed were far worse people than I will ever be… I never killed or harmed any innocent people."

Williams further confirmed the underworld war started when he was shot by Jason Moran in Melbourne's north in 1999.

"Just for a moment please try putting yourself in my shoes. It was my 29th birthday. As far as I was concerned I didn't have a worry in the world. That is until I went and met someone whom I thought was a friend of mine (Mark Moran) only to end up getting shot by him and his brother… because they were money hungry, greedy control freaks who I wouldn't bow down too."

He also remains defiant, with no sympathy for his victims.

"I was in a kill or be killed situation… I will always be able to see and talk to my loved ones… and that is a lot better than the scumbags who shot me can do," he said.

"I will always be able to look in the mirror and be very proud of the person I see."

April 02, 2008
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