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Underbelly DVDs seized in raids

PIRATED copies of banned gangland show Underbelly have been seized in a major counterfeit DVD bust in Melbourne's western suburbs.

A business was raided in North Sunshine, uncovering the DVDs.

As well as the prospect of serious copyright charges, those producing the Underbelly copies could risk prosecution for breaching a court suppression order banning broadcast of the program in Victoria.

The DVDs contained the first nine episodes of the show.

A gang, whose members have been charged with offences in recent months allegedly had 7000 pirated DVDs and TV shows, eight new printers and 70 recently purchased DVD burners.

Among movies allegedly pirated were There Will Be Blood and Jumper, both of which are in cinemas and unavailable legally on DVD.

The raids were made by officers from Victoria Police and the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft.

A 41-year-old man has been arrested and is being questioned.

By Mark Buttler
March 11, 2008
Herald Sun