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Eric Bana

Erica Bana wanted role in Channel Nine's show Underbelly

HERE'S a kick in the guts for the producers of Channel 9's true crime drama Underbelly - Eric Bana (pictured) wanted a role in your show.

Famed for playing one of Australia's most notorious criminals in the hit film Chopper, the A-list actor would have been a perfect addition to the gritty gangland series - if only someone had asked him to be involved.

"It would have been fun, no doubt, but I did not get approached," Bana told Confidential.

So, without a part in the show, he's going to have to watch Underbelly on the telly when the anticipated drama debuts on February 13.

"I can't wait to see it. Vince Colosimo is one of my favourites so I can't wait," Bana said.

February 06, 2008
The Daily Telegraph