Two Twisted: episode guide

There's Something About Kyanna

Episode 1a
August 14, 2006 (Nine)
Written by Peter Ivan
Directed by Kate Riedl

A young couple. A new home by the sea. A happy life. Just as everything seems to be going perfectly for Mathilda and Bill, things inexplicably start to go missing. Sure, a lost sock might seem like the most natural thing in the world. But there's nothing natural about what happens next. And by the time the forces at work have had their say, there might not be anything left to lose.

Starring: Melissa George as Mathilda Banks, Sandy Winton as Bill Banks

Additional cast: Jacqueline Moschella as Kyanna, Fiona Press as Doctor, Sara Zwangobani as Sarah, Cindy Bancroft, Joey Barton as Postman, Waseem Khan as Ali

Note: each pair of stories is linked by a common element, did you spot them all?

Finding Frank

Episode 1b
August 14, 2006
Written by Michael Brown
Directed by Jody Dwyer

A retiring security guard on his last graveyard shift has his nerves tested by a practical joke loving colleague. But who really should be nervous?

Starring: Garry McDonald as Norm, Steve Bisley as Frank

Additional cast: Maureen Elkner as Barb, Kim Knuckey as Barry Barker, Sky Tse as Will, Mededith Porteous as Sharon, Scott Parmeter as Detective, Waseem Khan as Ali

Call Back

Episode 2a
August 21, 2006
Written by Matthew Macknamara
Directed by Graeme Burfoot

With a simple phone call Karl Wells has the opportunity to erase the past and this time save the lives of his brutally murdered wife and son. The only problem is he needs to convince his past self that he is for real.

Starring: Lisa McCune as Fiona Wells, Tom Long as Karl Wells, Anthony Hayes as Julian Knox

Additional cast: Lachlan Gower, Amelia Longhurst, Anh Do as Paramedic, Linda Megier, Natasha Magi, Amos Szeps, David Callan, Ashley Fairfield, Waseem Khan as Ali

Note: this episode was awarded with the 2007 AWGIE Award for Television (Original)

Heart Attack

Episode 2b
August 21, 2006
Written by David Chidlow
Directed by Rachel Ward

Whilst exercising, a doctor suffers a series of heart attacks. He's admitted to intensive care and placed on life support. His dead heart is removed and sent for testing. Whilst his wife waits through the night in the hospital for news, the gruesome truth about his condition emerges.

Starring: Greta Scacchi as Adele Partridge, Anthony Phelan as Matthew Partridge, Susan Prior as Nurse Hughes

Additional cast: Mark Owen-Taylor as Barry, Alan Cinis as Sam, Jennifer Perry, Bill Young as Doctor, Peter Asquith, Sepideh Madah, Anh Do, Stephen Talbot, Margie McCrae, Owen McKenna, Milly Potts, Julie-Anne Taylor, Waseen Khan as Ali

Von Stauffenberg's Stamp

Episode 3a
August 28, 2006
Written by James Robertson
Directed by Glendyn Ivin

What do you get when you mix a docile barber, a genteel stamp trader, a fabled stamp once owned by the man who tried to blow up Hitler, and the world's worst wife? Trouble.

Starring: Sam Neill, Wendy Hughes, Roy Billing

Additional cast: Paul Gleeson, et al

A Date With Doctor D

Episode 3b
August 28, 2006
Written by Everett De Roche
Directed by Paul Middleditch

Businessman Rolly Schwartz thinks it's just another average morning until he discovers the nightmare lurking in his bedroom closet.

Starring: Alex Dimitriades as Rolly, Asher Keddie as Sarah, Teo Gilbert as Tate

Additional cast: unknown

Soft Boiled Luck

Episode 4a
September 04, 2006
Written by James Robertson
Directed by Brendan Donovan

Two men stand accused of the same brutal murder. One is a debt ridden businessman with a track record of failed ventures, fraud and tax evasion. The other is his clone.

Starring: Bryan Brown, Aden Young as Patrick Dempsey, Deborah Mailman as Jones

Additional cast: Peta Sergeant as Isabelle Dempsey, Waseen Khan as Ali

Arkham's Curios and Wonders

Episode 4b
September 04, 2006
Written by Tony D'Aquino
Directed by Tony D'Aquino

Vincent lives in a decaying house with his ailing grandfather and fragile mother, Annabel. The grandfather hovers at the edge of death, seemingly at Vincent's command. As Annabel attempts to free her father from the strange spell he is under, she discovers Vincent's dark secret and the truth about herself.

Starring: Bill Hunter as Grandfather, Lisa Hensley as Annabel, Edmund Cinis as Vincent

A Flash Exclusive

Episode 5a
September 11, 2006
Written by Michael Adams
Directed by Tim Bullock

Angus Wilder is a tabloid photojournalist on the outs with his editor after his exclusive serial killer story goes bust. But he quickly bounces back when he receives a hot tip about the imminent remarriage of Asha Moore, a woman who three years ago accidentally killed her first husband in a sex game gone wrong. Angus's stake-out of his beautiful quarry results in them meeting and tentatively moving towards romance. The more Angus digs, the more he discovers that Asha's past and present aren't what he was led to believe. Nevertheless, she just might just prove to be the story of a lifetime.

Starring: Peta Wilson as Mischa Sparkle, Daniel Wyllie as Angus Wilder, Frank Gallacher as Pierce Bristow

Additional cast: Belinda Gosbee as Jane Meeker, Johnny Boxer as Bill, Waseem Khan as Ali, Rebecca Harloff as Bouble Double

Delivery Man

Episode 5b
September 11, 2006
Written by Kelly Schilling
Directed by Kelly Schilling

Two years, one woman, one house until... a visitor arrives. Who is he, what does he want and what will he do to change her life forever?

Starring: Sam Worthington as Gus Rogers, Susie Porter as Sam

Additional cast: John Sheerin as Mr Rogers, Waseem Khan as Ali, Leon Stripp as Stunt Double


Episode 6a
September 18, 2006
Written by Ian Iveson
Directed by Nick Tomnay

When being in jail becomes life threatening, a cunning prisoner volunteers for a job in the prison infirmary where he concocts a daring plan to escape... and almost everything goes right.

Starring: Kick Gurry as Jenkins, William Zappa as Doctor, Gary Waddell as Jimmy Kitchen

Additional cast: Kellie Bright, David Woodley, Waseem Khan as Ali


Episode 6b
September 18, 2006
Written by Nick Parsons
Directed by Nick Parsons

Danielle Carmody is ageing seven times faster than normal. Her mother Sarah, a research scientist, has been desperately searching all her daughter's life for the therapy that will halt the process. But time is running out. At fifteen, Danielle is already an old woman. Then Sarah hears word of a forty-nine-year-old murderer, now in gaol, who has the body of a twenty-one-year-old. And her colleague has stolen a sample of his DNA.

Starring: Jacqueline McKenzie as Sarah Carmondy, Victoria Thaine as Danni, Jason Chan as Zhang Li, Valentino Del Toro as David Mustafa

Additional cast: Keith Armitage, William Heeley, Matt Levett, Juliette Harkness, Susan Trainor, Waseem Khan as Ali

Love Crimes

Episode 7a
September 18, 2006
Written by Michael Gillett
Directed by Jennifer Kent

The boss, his secretary and his wife. A volatile mix. With his wife away, Duncan finds an excuse to bring Rose, his secretary, home only to make a pass at her. She rebuffs him but that's not the end of the story. Revenge is what she wants. It's what he's after too. A game of cat and mouse ensues made all the more dangerous by the wife's imminent arrival home. A showdown seems inevitable. The only question is: who's the cat and who's the mouse?

Starring: Vince Colosimo as Duncan Cross, Kestie Morassi as Rose

Additional cast: Kellie Bright, David Woodley, Waseem Khan as Ali

Grand Final

Episode 7b (finale)
September 18, 2006
Written by Kelly Schilling
Directed by Stuart McDonald

Sixteen-year-old Daniel is cursed with a supernatural gift that gives him the ability to see things about other people that you wouldn't want to know about yourself. One afternoon he is cursed with an insight into the future of one of his classmates; a future of such terrible consequence that Daniel feels he must do all he can to try to save his classmate from his fate. But there's a problem: his classmate is his enemy, he doesn't want to be saved, and he knows enough about Daniel's tragic secret past to bring him to his knees. Can Daniel really save somebody from their fate while doing everything to deny the existence of his own?

Starring: Zachary Garred as Daniel, Craig Horner as Mason

Additional cast: Keith Armitage, William Heeley, Matt Levett, Juliette Harkness, Susan Trainor, Waseem Khan as Ali

Note: the "Additional Cast" credits given at the are identical to those for episode 12, one is wrong.