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Tripping Over

How refreshing and heartening to see a new Australian drama of consistent high quality, proving it can still be done, though admittedly this one wouldn't have happened without British co-producer Channel Five. With a great script and cast, skilfully directed and filmed with a light touch, Tripping Over ticks all the right boxes but is far from formulaic.

Andrew Knight and Andrea Denholm, who worked together on SeaChange, have done a terrific job writing and producing this series about five twentysomethings on their first big overseas trip. As the two young Brits, Tamsin and Callum, settle into Sydney, over in London Ned and Nic are both facing career challenges, while Lizzie is still haunted by the accident in Bangkok.

Some of the best and funniest moments are achieved with no words at all, such as the scene where Callum waits in emergency after an unfortunate bedroom accident. The older generation also generate some heat as the two brothers, Jeremy and James, mull over Lydia's paternity revelations.

Part of Tripping Over's strength is its winning central performances, but tonight it's also clear how much talent resides in the smaller roles including Lisa McCune, Jacek Koman, Nicholas Bell and Anastasia Hille as his wife.

The Jacqui Taffel, reviewer
November 8, 2006
The Sydney Morning Herald