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Brooke Satchwell

Brooke of revelation

BROOKE Satchwell has finally trashed her nice-girl image. Satchwell, who rose to prominence in Neighbours, Water Rats and White Collar Blue, is anything but straight-laced in Channel 10's edgy drama, Tripping Over.

The first we see of Satchwell in the series is her character, Felicity, opening the door of her London flat to discover an unexpected visitor in the form of her boyfriend, Nic (Abe Forsythe), who has travelled from Australia via Bangkok to meet her.

Unfortunately for Nic, Felicity already has company in the form of another man.

Satchwell, who was about to film a nude scene when The Guide visited the set, was nervous about the prospect of disrobing for the camera.

She has, however, relished the chance to be part of the Australia-UK co-production about "that stage in your life when you are exploring, and finding yourself as much as the world around you".

"I read the script and I had one of those experiences you have after watching a movie during the day you just have a new perspective on life," Satchwell says.

As well as Tripping Over, Satchwell, 25, will be seen in the thrill-a-minute Foxtel drama, Dangerous, filming in Sydney and due to screen next year.

Rifle through press clippings on Satchwell and it would be easy to assume she's led a charmed life. But the actor is quick to point out things aren't always what they seem.

"You never judge a book by its cover," she says. "My life is just as screwed up as anyone else's, don't you worry. I have the normal traumas of life. But it's only when bad things happen that you have to take stock."

Bad things? It was after Neighbours that Satchwell hit a rough patch. Roles were hard to come by and despite being considered a star on the rise, she found herself working as a shop assistant to make a buck.

"I realised I hadn't given myself much of a chance to grow. That was quite a brain-bending moment," she says. "I fell in a big heap. Then I just got back up again, like you have to."

Tripping Over has given her the chance to once again prove her depth and versatility as a performer.

"Felicity is Nic's long-term girlfriend, who has been in the UK for the past eight months," Satchwell says. "She had a fledging PR career going and hoped it would take off once she got to the UK, but she is basically trying to work out where her life is going.

"What's been the highlight (of making the show)?

"Every moment of it shooting my first international scene, I got all giddy and silly. I'm on the other side of the world and I'm standing in front of the camera doing what I do back home it's just one of those mini-personal milestones."

Tripping Over, Channel 10, Wednesday, 8.30pm

By Darren Devlyn and Stephen Downie
November 14, 2006
The Courier-Mail