The Time Of Our Lives: cast

  • Starring cast:

  • Justine Clarke
    as Bernadette Flynn

  • Shane Jacobson
    as Luce Flynn

  • William McInnes
    as Matt

  • Stephen Curry
    as Herb

  • Michelle Vergara Moore
    as Chai Li

  • Claudia Karvan
    as Caroline

  • Supporting cast:

  • Dominic Allburn
    as Spencer

  • Tony Barry
    as Ray

  • Tina Bursill
    as Lenore

  • Cheree Cassidy
    as Alice

  • Conrad Coleby
    as Brad Masters

  • Michael Dorman
    as Joel

  • Thomas Fisher
    as Carmody

  • Stephen Hall
    as Bam-Bam

  • Anita Hegh
    as Maryanne

  • Kate Jenkinson
    as Eloise

  • Sue Jones
    as Rosa

  • Dave Lawson
    as Julian

  • Tommy Little
    as Jed

  • Elise MacDougall
    as Georgie

  • Calen MacKenzie
    as Jesse

  • Catherine McClements
    as Diana Southey

  • Frances McGahey & Tully McGahey
    as Frances & Tully

  • Mike McLeish
    as Micky Mack

  • Jessica McNamee
    as Lisa Montego

  • Pia Miranda
    as Kristen Glaros

  • Mick Molloy
    as Garrick Graham

  • Georgina Naidu
    as Marla

  • Charlotte Nicdao
    as Clara Bell

  • Alex Papps
    as Tom Reid

  • Nicola Parry
    as Andrea

  • Damian Walshe-Howling
    as Ewan

  • Dion Williams
    as Lachie Wilmoth