The Tailings: episode guide

The Gorge

Episode 1
Friday, April 02, 2021 (SBS On Demand)
Written by Caitlin Richardson
Directed by Stevie Cruz-Martin

A remote Tasmanian mining town reels from the recent death of a miner as his daughter, Jas, refuses to believe his death was accidental.

Cast: Tegan Stimson as Jas, Mabel Li as Ruby, Kris McQuade as Laurie, Shaun Martindale as Brendan, Victoria Haralabidou as Sharon, Harry Prior as Toby, Michael Earnshaw as Frank, Sara Cooper as Nadia, Harry Radbone as Leo, Jane Hamilton Foster as Lisa, John Xintavelonis as Dom, Nic English as Shaun, Tai Nguyen as Marcel, Nadira Farid as Ange, Eric Harris as Skater, Emma Lapham as Taneisha, Joel Cumming as Joel

Note: the episodes do not have unique credits so I'll just list them once

Second Bend

Episode 2

Jas's investigation into her dad's death causes trouble and Ruby conceals the truth about her teaching history.

The Smudges

Episode 3

Jas puts herself in danger to get revealing information about her dad as Ruby tries to make friends in town but struggles to keep her past a secret.

Lover's Basin

Episode 4

Jas and Toby's investigations force Laurie to reveal a secret that Brendan was trying to keep from Jas and Ruby’s traumatic past becomes impossible to keep secret.

Siren's Gate

Episode 5

Jas finds her dad's ex-lover and clashes with Ruby as she gets closer to solving the mystery of his death.

The Landing

Episode 6

Jas reveals everything she's discovered about her dad's death and the town has to face some difficult truths.