Produced by the Australian Broadcasting Commission

Producer: Storry Walton
Director: Gil Brealey
Writer: G.K. Saunders

Aired: 1964 - 1965 (ABC)

A schoolmaster finds an unconscious young man on his doorstep, takes him in and looks after him. A firm friendship develops between the stranger and the headmaster's children, Bernard and Jean and their friend Peter, and this leads to them discovering the stranger's secret — that he is from another planet and has been sent to find a new home on Earth for his people. The stranger, Adam, is joined by fellow alien, Varossa. They live in a society without books where they memorise everything. In the second series the children have to enlist the help of the Australian Prime Minister when Peter is kidnapped by the alien, and a procession of intrigues eventually leads them to the aliens' home planet of Soshuniss. (12x30 min)
Ron HaddrickAdam Suisse
Janice DinnenJean Walsh
Bill LevisBernard Walsh
Michael ThomasPeter Cannon
Reginald LivermoreVarossa
Owen WeingottProfessor Mayer
Dennis CarrollEdward Mayer
John FaassenMr Walsh
Jessica NoadMrs Walsh
Ivor BromleyColonel Nash
Alex CannRudolph Lindenberger
Chuck KehoeBlake
Mary MackaySoshun
Ben GabrielSoshun

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