The Secret Life of Us: music

EpisodeArtistSong Title
1.178 SaabSunsine
1.1DeadstarDeeper Water
1.1Leonardo's BrideEven When I'm Sleeping
1.1Lisa MillarHang My Head
1.1Machine Gun FellatioLeopards
1.1Not From ThereJuanita's Cocktail Party
1.1SnoutTomorrow We Sing
1.1sonicanimationDidley Squat
1.1The Feeling GrooviesMysterio-so
1.1The Mavis'sCry
1.1The Mavis'sQuintessential
1.1Wicked Beat Sound SystemChurch Of Al Green
1.1Wicked Beat Sound SystemHold Tight
1.1written by J. OxleyAlone With You
1.378 SaabKarma Package Deal
1.3BombaMary Never Cries
1.3Chris WilsonSlow Train
1.3Jackie BristowStay With You
1.3Soul ClassYou Left Me Behind
1.3Susie HiggieTurn The Big Light Off
1.3The Blackeyed SusansI Am a Singer
1.4DubbledubDouble Up
1.4ChakradivaParty's Over
1.4Christine AnuMothers Child
1.4David Rex QuintetBimbo Blues
1.4DubbledubEpis Theatre
1.4Machine Gun FellatioUnsent Letter
1.4Motor AceHey Driver
1.4Not From ThereLounge Anthem
1.4Sam JohnsonHowzat
1.4Suze DeMarchiEverest
1.4The DaisycuttersKiss Me Stupid
1.5DeadstarHenry and Godiva at the Bar
1.5Machine Gun FellatioNot Afraid of Romance
1.5Mark SeymourSee You Around
1.5Motor AceAmerican Shoes
1.5Neil FinnAddicted
1.5PollyannaParticular People
1.5SnoutHey Hey Hey
1.5The Blackeyed SusansTo Skin A Man
1.5The Mavis'sComing Home
1.678 SaabKarma Package Deal
1.6Abi TuckerIt Must Be Love (Labi Siffre)
1.6Abi TuckerTo Her Door (Paul Kelly)
1.6Courtenay StickelsTease Me (?)
1.6Fiona McDonaldDon't Tell
1.6Jackie BristowStay With You
1.6Spencer McLaren/David TreddinickYou're Gorgeous (Babybird)
1.6Suzie HiggieIn Between Worlds
1.6The Paradise HotelHollywood Landmines
1.778 SaabSunshine
1.7Abi TuckerEverything
1.7Abi TuckerFrail
1.7FrontsideBulbed Again
1.7Love MeGot You On My Mind
1.7Suzie HiggieTurn The Lights Off
1.7The Feeling GrooviesMysterioso-so
1.8DeadstarRun Baby Run
1.8Monique BrumbySilver Dollars
1.8The Blackeyed SusansSpin The Wheel
1.8The Feeling GrooviesKoo-Kee
1.9Dynamic HepnoticsSoul Kind of Feelin'
1.9My Friend the Chocolate CakeCello Song for Charlie
1.9My Friend the Chocolate CakeDance
1.9My Friend the Chocolate CakeBottom & the Rustics
1.9My Friend the Chocolate CakeBrood
1.9Split EnzI See Red
1.1078 SaabIris-Ann
1.10House CirclesLove & Acid
1.10House of CirclesCan
1.10House of CirclesPositive
1.10J Cupples/C PettiferDream of Buck$
1.10Jackie BristowSweet Silt
1.10The bad LovesGreen Limousine
1.10The Feeling GrooviesQuitessential
1.11Bubba Girl/Richard GillardBath
1.11DeadstarHighway 31
1.11DodgeFour Square
1.11Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsIdiot Prayer
1.11Ol' 55On The Prowl
1.11The Feeling GrooviesGroovies Are Go
1.11The TitanicsThe Devil Is High
1.12Chris PettiferDreams of Buck$
1.12Chris PettiferRapin Hood
1.12James Sherlock TrioIt Must Have Been
1.12Machine Gun Fellatio45
1.12Magic DirtPace It
1.12Nick BarkerImogen
1.12Richard GillardLove & Acid
1.12Sounds Like SunsetEach Time You Smile
1.12The Feeling GrooviesBells
1.12Wicked BeatYou're The Man
1.13BombaCan't Help It
1.13Chris PettiferBurn It Up
1.13Christine AnuJump To Love
1.13Jackie BristowSilly Girl
1.13Kylie MinogueToo Far
1.13Registered NurseCheesegrater
1.13The Feeling GrooviesBluestone
1.13Wicked Beat Sound SystemCan't Give You Up
1.13Wicked Beat Sound SystemHold Tight
1.13Wicked Beat Sound SystemI Don't Want To Know
1.1478 SaabGreen Moon Rise
1.1478 SaabJack Frost
1.14ChakradivaTrouble and Desire
1.14Christine AnuBeat Of Your Heart
1.14Fiona McDonaldDon't Tell
1.14Idot SunWinter
1.14Jackie BristowStay With You
1.14Mark SeymoreLost In Your Illusion
1.14Monique BrumbyStay as Sweet as You Are
1.14On IncSize Does Matter
1.14Registered NurseFeliz Corazon
1.14Soul ClassYou Left Me Behind
1.14The Headless ChickensCruise Control
1.14The TitanicsHarmonica
1.14The TitanicsSet The Controls For The Heart of the Sun
1.1578 SaabSmile
1.15Headless ChickensCruise Control
1.15Leonardo's BrideAlaska
1.15Monique BrumbyMelting
1.15PollyannaParticular People
1.15Pound SystemFunkin My Stew
1.15WaikikiLove Is
1.16Christine AnuBeat of Your Heart
1.16Claudia Karvan/Sam JohnsonSay Goodbye
1.16Fiona McDonaldDamage Control
1.16Hunters & CollectorsSay Goodbye
1.16Leonardo's BrideDreamship
1.16Machine Gun Fellatio100 Fresh Disciples
1.16Machine Gun FellatioDrug Sex
1.16Monique BrumbySilver Dollars
1.16Paul KellyDeeper Water
1.16The TitanicsThe Devil Is High
1.1778 SaabSmile
1.17Double DubDouble Up
1.17Leonardo's BrideI'll Believe You
1.17Leonardo's BrideAlaska
1.17Sounds Like SunsetIt's So Cold
1.17WaikikiNew Technology
1.18Abi Tucker / Pound SystemWeaponless Heart
1.18ChakradivaGlitter King
1.18On IncI'm Walking
1.18The Feeling GrooviesDeep End
1.19Butterfly 9Writing on the Wall
1.19Leonardo's BrideDreamship
1.19The Feeling GrooviesMystic Ollie
1.19Wicked Beat Sound SystemCookin' with Kaz
1.19Wicked Beat Sound SystemEar Logistix
1.20BombaRun Jimmy Run
1.20BombaJack & Jill
1.20ChakradivaTrojan Horse
1.20Leonardo's BrideAlaska
1.20Love MeGot You On My Mind
1.20Mark SeymourBallad of the One Eyed Man
1.20On IncI'm Walking
1.20Pound SystemGet Solid
1.20Pound SystemHow To Get There
1.20Pound SystemBass & the Drum
1.20Wicked Beat Sound SystemCookin' with Kaz
1.21Butterfly 9Let It In
1.21ChakradivaTrojan Horse
1.21Pound SystemSplittin' The Trees
1.21SkyhooksWhatever Happened to the
1.21Something for KateYou Only Hide
1.21The DaisycuttersSick Day
1.21The Feeling GrooviesCowtech
1.21Wicked Beat Sound SystemSteppin' Out
1.21Wicked Beat Sound SystemCan't Give You Up
1.21Wicked Beat Sound SystemSteppin' Out
1.22BombaBus Stop
1.22Butterfly 9Goodnight
1.22ChakradivaParty's Over
1.22Fiona McDonaldSin Again
1.22HoneysmackLa Discotheque Fantastique
1.22Not From ThereGhost in Texas
1.22Not From ThereLounge Anthem
1.22On IncSize Does Matter
1.22Our HouseFloating
1.22SnoutHey Hey Hey
1.22SnoutGot Sold on Heaven
1.22The Feeling GrooviesMystic Ollie
EpisodeArtistSong Title
2.1Danielle SpencerBlast Off
2.1James Shelock TrioIt Must Have Been
2.1James Sherlock QuintetKeith's Coming To Town
2.1James Sherlock QuintetTear Drop Tea
2.1On IncSpooky
2.1SnoutMiracle of Nature
2.1The Feeling GrooviesMystic Ollie
2.1The Feeling GrooviesItaliano 2000
2.1The Feeling Groovies In Pure White
2.1The Feeling GrooviesDeep End
2.1The KiljoysIs It Cold Out
2.2Abby Dobson/BombaLet It Go
2.2Motor AceChairman Of The Board
2.2On IncAm What I Am
2.2On IncSilver Girl Shuffle
2.2Paul KellyLove Is the Law
2.2Pound SystemGo Get With This
2.2Pound SystemActive Ingredient
2.2Royce DohertyBad Situation
2.2The DaisycuttersNowhere Fast
2.3Bomba Speed of Sound
2.3James Sherlock TrioWhat Theme
2.3Spencer P. JonesThe Money is the Thing
2.3Spencer P. JonesSailors Grave
2.3The Blackeyed SusansSmokin Johnny Cash
2.3The Feeling GrooviesTechnocrat
2.4Anika MoaFlowers for You
2.4Machine Gun FellatioTake it Slow
2.4On IncSpooky
2.4Phil Kakulas/Ross McLennaThe Velvet Fog
2.4SnoutDrawback Scars
2.4The Paradise MotelAeroplanes
2.4WaikikiMorning Light
2.5Machine Gun FellatioThe Girl Of My Dreams
2.5On IncSilver Girl Shuffle
2.5On IncThe Rhythm Flavour
2.5On IncAm What I Am
2.5On IncThe Rhythm Flavour
2.5Pound SysyemGo Get With This
2.5The BeachniksThe Mount Joy Parade
2.5Wicked Beat Sound SystemBrand Nu Day
2.6Abby Dobson & BombaLet It Go
2.6Danielle SpencerBlast Off
2.6On IncI'm Walking
2.6On IncSilver Girl Shuffle
2.6Paul KellyLove Is The Law
2.6The Mavis'sYou Come Through
2.7Abby Dobson/BombaLet It Go
2.7Angry AndersonSuddenly
2.7BombaRun Jimmy Run
2.7CassetteNothing To Do
2.7Hunters & CollectorsDo You See What I See
2.7Monique BrumbyObservations from Flat
2.7Ol'55On The Prowl
2.7Royce DohertyBad Situation
2.7The DaisycuttersSick Day
2.7The SunnyboysAlone With You
2.8Anika MoaFalling In Love Again
2.8Augie MarchAsleep In Perfection
2.8ChakradivaTrojan Horse
2.8Love MeA Beautiful Lie
2.8Mark SeymourBallad of the One Eyed
2.8Michael Den ElzenBack 2 U
2.8Pound SystemActive Ingredient
2.8Rocket ScienceHeavy Traffic
2.8Rocket ScienceCar Chase at 20000 Feet
2.8Royce DohertyStrange Desire
2.8Royce DohertyGoodbye Joe
2.8SnoutDrawback Scars
2.8The KilljoysOn The Radio
2.8Uncanny X-Men50 Years
2.9Eskimo JoePlanet Earth
2.9HoneysmackBreakdancer I Love You
2.9Magic DirtFor A Second
2.9Pound SystemEvery Sound
2.9Royce DohertySleepwalking
2.9The BeachniksRiding Out
2.9Tim FinnSay It Is So
2.10Abby DobsonDont Ask for More
2.10DaisycuttersNowhere Fast
2.10Eskimo JoeWake Up
2.10Katie JamesDream
2.10Pound SystemBack on Track
2.10Wicked Beat Sound SystemShine
2.11Blackeyed SusansSmokin Johnny Cash
2.11Charlie MarshallStory of Us
2.11David BridieSad
2.11Glenn Dormand & Chris AAnd The Mirror Ball Started
2.11Jeremy SmithRove (Live) Theme
2.11On IncRock U Again
2.11Paul KellyChange Your Mind
2.11Pound SystemFrench Girl
2.12HoneysmackBreakdancer I Love You
2.12Lazy SusanClumsy
2.12Love MeGot You On My Mind
2.12Nick CaveThe Weeping Song
2.12On IncSelf Centred Shit
2.12On IncZurich
2.12Pound SystemDark Life
2.12The TriffidsWide Open Road
2.12Wicked Beat Sound SystemI Want To
2.13Jackie BristowCircle Round You
2.13PollyannaParticular People
2.13Rocket ScienceBurn in Hell
2.13Royce DohertyStrange Desire
2.13SnoutGot Sold On Heaven
2.13The StemsAt First Sight
2.13Wicked Beat Sound SystemShine
2.14Michael NogaGoodbye Forever
2.14SnoutDrawback Scars
2.15Anika MoaFalling In Love Again
2.15CassetteDont Let Anyone
2.15Eskimo JoeLiar
2.15Not From ThereSticky Wes
2.15Not From ThereThe Hitching Post
2.15Royce DohertySleepwalking
2.15Tim FinnSay It's So
2.16Butterfly 9Growing Pains
2.16Deborah ConwayEverybody Wants to Touch Me
2.16Leonardo's BrideEverybody Wants to Take You Home
2.16Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For
2.16Pound SystemActive Ingredient
2.16Pound SystemDark Life
2.16Something For KateMonsters
2.16Wicked Beat Sound SystemAct Like Gods
2.17The Feeling GrooviesDeep End
2.17Pound SystemWave Mechanik
2.17Pound SystemBack on Track
2.17Straitjacket FitsDown In Splendor
2.17This OrganisationOm
2.17Wicked Beat Sound SystemAct Like Gods
2.17Wicked Beat Sound SystemI Don't Want To Know
2.1878 SaabSmile
2.18HoneysmackI Like It
2.18Joe DolceShuddup You Face
2.18Love MeBeautiful Lie
2.18Nick CaveThe Ship Song
2.18The BeachniksMagic Faraway Dub
2.18WaikikiNew Technology
2.19Crowded HouseBlack & White Boy
2.19Go BetweensStreets of Your Town
2.19Hunters & CollectorsEverything's On Fire
2.19James FreudModern Girl
2.19Nick CaveLament
2.19Paul Kelly & The Coloured GirlsBefore Too Long
2.19Split EnzMessage To My Girl
2.19The ModelsI Hear Motion
2.19The ReelsQuasimodo's Dream
2.19The SaintsJust Like Fire Would
2.19The SaintsGhost Ships
2.19The StemsAt First Sight
2.19The SunnyboysAlone With You
2.19The SwingersCounting The Beat
2.19The TriffidsWide Open Road
2.19Tim FinnFraction Too Much Friction
2.2028 DaysSay What
2.20Augie MarchAsleep In Perfection
2.20Machine Gun Fellatio45
2.20On IncI'm Walking
2.20On IncAm What I Am
2.20On IncSize Does Matter
2.20Pound SystemFar Eye
2.20Pound SystemBack On Track
2.20SwoopHouse Freak
2.20Wicked Beat Sound SystemI Want To
2.20Wicked Beat Sound SystemLocal MP
2.21Abby Dobson and Nicki BombaLet it Go
2.21Butterfly 9Goodbye for Now
2.21Lazy SusanClumsy
2.21Royce DohertyBad Situation
2.21TaxirideCreepin' Up Slowly
2.21The VinesSunshine
2.22BombaSpeed of Sound
2.22Butterfly 9Another Perfect Day
2.22Christine AnuChange Your Mind
2.22Michael Den ElzenBack 2 U
2.22Michael DormanThree Dimensions
2.22Michael DormanInto My Arms (Nick Cave)
2.22Michael Dorman and Claudia Karvan  Accidentally Kelly Street (Frente!)
2.22Mark SeymourLost in your Illusion
EpisodeArtistSong Title
3.01The VinesHomesick
3.01Salmonella DubDrifting
3.01Genevieve MaynardCatalyst
3.01The DaisycuttersIt's a Shame
3.01Eskimo JoeWake Up
3.01The AnyonesCome Around
3.01Feeling GrooviesMystic Ollie
3.01KatalystWhose Reality?
3.01Magic DirtWatch Out Boys
3.01Rocket ScienceHeavy Traffic
3.01Wicked Beat Sound SystemGive Jazz a Break
3.01Michael Dorman / Abi Tucker / Nina LiuWind Beneath My Wings
3.01Nina LiuThat Ain't Bad
3.01Abi TuckerCalypso
3.02The FeelersAs Good As It Gets
3.02Crazy BaldheadsRecharge (Reprise)
3.02Salmonella DubProblems
3.02ChakradivaGlitter King
3.02Abi TuckerEverything
3.02The Feeling GrooviesMystic Ollie
3.02The VinesIn The Jungle
3.02Eskimo JoeElection
3.02Archie RoachWill I See You Tonight
3.02Genevieve MaynardTrouble
3.02Eskimo JoeHead Hurts
3.02BetchadupaFilthy McNasty
3.02The AnyonesGot My Mind
3.02Machine TranslationsAmnesia
3.02DeadstarDeeper Water
3.02Magic DirtIsotope
3.02BetchadupaDrop D
3.03Salmonella DubLoop 7
3.03Salmonella DubDragon
3.03Salmonella DubWytakiba (Dreadzone remix)
3.03Salmonella DubTui Dub (Mad Professor version)
3.03Pound SystemKosciosco
3.03The VinesGet Free
3.03Machine TranslationsShe Wears A Mask
3.03Anika MoaWhere Do We Go
3.03Vince ColossimoPlayschool Theme
3.04ChakradivaTrojan Horse
3.04Genevieve MaynardSteer Clear
3.04Wicked Beat Sound SystemOU1 Miles
3.04Double DubbDouble Up
3.04The Calculators with AdalitaCellophane
3.04Double DubbBilly (Come Back Down To Earth)
3.04WaikikiDid I?
3.05Dean ManningThat's How Love Came Into the World
3.05Salmonella DubPlatetronics
3.05The Feeling GrooviesDeep End
3.05Machine Gun FellatioGirl of My Dreams
3.05Salmonella DubPush on Through
3.05ChakradivaTrouble & Desire
3.05Machine TranslationsAcre
3.05Gaslight MusicCrack
3.05Gaslight MusicThe Management Hates Us
3.05BetchadupaEasy as it Seems
3.06My Friend the Chocolate CakeLeave
3.06Machine Gun FellatioLeopards
3.06Butterfly 9Heavier than Stone
3.06BombaBus Stop
3.06My Friend the Chocolate CakeIt's All in the Way
3.06Claudia KarvanFly Me to the Moon
3.06Wicked Beat Sound SystemFree Your Mind
3.06Richard Gillard [of "House of Circles"]Lovely Place to Be
3.06Machine Gun FellatioRollercoaster
3.06BombaCop Show
3.06Monique BrumbyDrive Me Home
3.07Dean ManningHow Love Came Into the World
3.07Wicked Beat Sound SystemBring it on Down
3.07Feeling GrooviesIn Pure White
3.07ChakradivaGlitter King
3.07The TulipsSad Eyed Love
3.0778 SaabSunshine
3.08The VinesOuttatheway
3.08ModelsLocal & / or General
3.08Wicked Beat Sound SystemBrand New Day
3.08The AnyonesPocket
3.08Wicked Beat Sound SystemBring it On Down
3.08Common EraBendz
3.08Something for KateCaptain
3.08Michael den Elzen / David MunroAh Baby
3.08Dean ManningThe Moon is a Peephole
3.08The Feeling GrooviesQuintessential
3.08Pound SystemBags A72
3.08Machine TranslationsA Most Peculiar Place
3.08Sharin Anderson / Chris PettiferWorld Beneath My Feet
3.09Salmonella DubNo Worries
3.09Hess & Nic Dem QBe Yourself
3.09The DatsunsSittin' Pretty
3.09Salmonella DubPush On Through
3.09Wicked Beat Sound SystemAct Like Gods
3.09Matt HandleyBitter Pill
3.09The VinesAutumn Shade
3.0978 SaabNo Illusion
3.10Origene and Mark SeymourStone Age Dream
3.10Matt HandleyDon't Flinch
3.10KatalystUprock This
3.10Pound SystemActive Ingredient
3.10Dean ManningPink Pony
3.10On IncSpooky
3.10NeonHit Me Again
3.10Machine Gun FellatioTake It Slow
3.10Machine Gun FellatioFull Moon
3.11The VinesHighly Evolved
3.11Matt HandleyDon't Flinch
3.11The VinesIn the Jungle
3.11Butterfly 9Forever
3.11Dean ManningPink Pony
3.11The VinesAin't No Room
3.11Genevieve MaynardTrouble
3.12Ben GraysonSeems To Me
3.12On IncI'm Walking
3.12Matt HandleyBlackout
3.12Abby DobsonI'm Not Missing You
3.12Abi TuckerStargazer
3.13KatalystUprock This
3.13James Sherlock QuintetHalf a Chance
3.13KatalystOut of this World
3.13Ben GraysonDaylight
3.13Ben GraysonGallalee
3.13The UnderminersGo to Water
3.13KatalystTell no Tales
3.13The Feeling GrooviesCowtech
3.1378 SAABNo Illusion
3.14GerseyBaby You're A Strange Girl
3.14Lazy SusanWastingTime
3.14James Sherlock QuintetJive on Marco
3.14KatalystTime Bomb
3.14Architecture in HelsinkiSouvenirs
3.14Machine Gun FellationNot Afraid of Romance
3.14Common EraAlgeria
3.14Wicked Beat Sound SystemFree Your Mind
3.14NeonSummer Rain
3.14Architecture in HelsinkiImaginary Ordinary
3.15D. ManningIf I Was a Spy
3.15NeonHit Me Again
3.15paulmacJust The Thing
3.15Love MeChestnut Mare
3.15Love MeAs Good As It Gets
3.15Ross McLennanWhat Kinda Friends Are We?
3.16James Sherlock QuintetEnter the Bantem
3.16Suzie HiggieI Can't Hold Back My Love
3.16Ben GraysonSeems To Me
3.16BeachniksAuntie Jean
3.16BirdbrainCool But Hot
3.16David McCormackThe Funky Bug
3.16David BridieTender Trap
3.17The DatsunsAt Your Touch
3.17Matt Handley(Not) Alright
3.17Ben GraysonDaylight
3.17Machine Gun FellatioTake it Slow
3.17Common EraThe Guv'nor
3.17The VinesOutathaway
3.17Genevieve MaynardSteer Clear
3.18Matt HandleyDon't Flinch
3.18Salmonella Dub & Adrian SherwoodPush On Thru (Adrian Sherwood Version)
3.18Dean ManningHow Love Came Into This World
3.18Renee GeyerSweet Love
3.18Mandy KaneTraces
3.19Rocket ScienceBeing Followed
3.19The AnyonesSomething Special
3.19OscarlimaPenny Dreadfull
3.19James Sherlock QuintetBlue Eye
3.19Ben GraysonDaylight
3.19The Blackeyed SusansLet's Live
3.19BetchadupaLife Will Be The Same
3.19The DatsunsSittin' Pretty
3.19Chris PettiferFantasy Saint
3.20The DatsunsTitle: Fink for the Man
3.20The FeelersAs Good as it Gets
3.20ScreamfeederI don't know what to do anymore
3.20The VinesAutumn Shade
3.20CitylightsYou stand accused young man
3.20The CalculatorsCellophane
3.20Rocket ScienceHeavy Traffic
3.20Genevieve MaynardMessiah
3.20Rocket ScienceEconomic Decline
3.20Anika MoaFlowers for You
3.20Eskimo JoePlanet Earth
3.21Frequency NomadsDark Life
3.21The VinesCountry Yard
3.2116th ElementWell Strung
3.21HoneysmackBang the Box
3.21The Black Eyed SusansShangri-La
3.22Not From ThereFrisco Disco
3.22Stephen CumminsGo Right Ahead And Break My Heart
3.22The AnyonesGreen Cat's Eye
3.22Salmonella DubTui Dub
3.22On IncSilver Girl Shuffle
EpisodeArtistSong Title
4.01not available...
4.02New TechnologyWaikiki
4.02Run Like A GunRocket Science
4.02Take Another LookGaslight Radio
4.02Drunk For YouMagic Dirt
4.02Johnny LeeGenevieve Maynard
4.02Rocket To The MoonFogg
4.02ShadowlandYouth Group
4.03Hit Me AgainNeon
4.03SlideSalmonella Dub
4.03Angel's KissBirdbrain
4.03Never Say NeverFogg
4.03Girl GhostThe Sand Pebbles
4.03The KissMagic Dirt
4.04Sweet LoveRenee Geyer
4.04Black Sun EnsembleThe Sand Pebbles
4.04Jive On MarkoJames Sherlock Quintet
4.04Watch Out BoysMagic Dirt
4.04Big LeftThe Sand Pebbles
4.04Slow DownSuzie Higgie
4.04I Really Love YouRenee Geyer
4.04Keeping It RealDecoy ft. Mel Jones
4.04Falling Into The SunTess McKenna
4.04Bad Bad Bad Bad GirlShutdown 66
4.04God Of LoveTreetops
4.05The SoundNick Dem Q
4.05The Day Summer FellThe Sand Pebbles
4.05Ballad Of WerewolfTreetops
4.05Rocket To The MoonFogg
4.05Looking At YouMurray Jamieson & Tiffany Kommedal
4.05ThrillsDaughterboy Jao
4.05Uprock ThisKatalyst
4.06The SoundNick Dem Q
4.06I WillLazy Susan
4.06Gross RexmanThe David Rex Quintet
4.06Who Needs ItTensile & Moonmonkey
4.06CharmedAlain Valodze
4.06Looking BackwardsLazy Susan
4.06What ThemeThe James Sherlock Trio
4.06Never BetterLazy Susan
4.06Feelin The HeatThe Anyones
4.06Who Killed Moby GrapeCharles Jenkins
4.06Ordinary PlanesDaughterbuy Jao
4.0648 Days48 Hours
4.06Worms & HoneyMoonmonkey
4.06Change48 Hours
4.06KnockMobin Master Project
4.06B lineMobin Master Project
4.06RelapseLittle Birdy
4.07Sun RockMazzmosh
4.07Go Get With ThisPound System
4.07Palm JuiceMazzmosh
4.07See SawEskimo Joe
4.07QuintessentialThe Feeling Groovies
4.07BluestoneThe Feeling Groovies
4.07Gifts for the KidsRoss McLennan
4.07Got Sold on HeavenSnout
4.07Tell Me WhyAndy White
4.07Step ForwardDan Kelly & The Alpha Males
4.08DutgerPound System
4.08Ex BoyfriendDave McCormack
4.08Rear View MirrorDean Manning
4.08Be There In The MorningRenee Geyer
4.08B LineMobin Master
4.08Alone With YouSunnyboys
4.08Living In The 70sSkyhooks
4.08Ego Is Not A Dirty WordSkyhooks
4.08Get Away With ItMobin Master
4.08Flipside48 Hours
4.08History Never RepeatsSplit Enz
4.08Strangers On A TrainThe Sports
4.08Goodbye AgainSuzie Higgie
4.08Goodbye AngelButterfly Nine
4.08What You Gonna DoThe City Light
4.09Italian GirlsAndy White
4.09Still Taking BetsRose McLennan
4.09Say SayBomba
4.09Sensa SoleBomba
4.09Little StarsLisa Miller
4.10not available...
4.11One More SpinThe Majestic Kelp
4.11The Tabloid BluesThe Alpha Males
4.11Change My MindCassette
4.11The Loneliest Day In DecemberTess McKenna
4.11Dead GrafittiGaslight Radio
4.11Z NationGaslight Radio
4.11PocketThe Anyones
4.11HistoryMelanie Jones
4.11Hanging OutThe Sand Pebbles
4.11What Kinda Friends Are We?Ross McLennan
4.12I Made Up My MindAshley Naylor
4.12At Your TouchThe Datsuns
4.12Lillian LiesYouth Group
4.12Unsent LetterMachine Gun Fellatio
4.12What Would I KnowThe Datsuns
4.12You've Ruined All My Favourite SongsMachine Gun Fellatio
4.12No One Hears The Broken SongsGaslight Radio
4.12Human SeaDan Kelly & The Alpha Males
4.13I Like ItHoneysmack
4.13Bus StopBomba
4.13Speed & IntensityThe Sand Pebbles
4.13Come Right Home To MeThe Tulips
4.14SlideSalmonella Dub
4.14Feel The SunshineHudson Wells
4.14Go Right AheadStephen Cummings
4.14Real BoyTim Haft
4.14Love's ComingStephen Cummings
4.14Harry & Leena' SongAnika Moa
4.14Blue DustFogg
4.14Baby What's Come Over You?Stephen Cummings
4.14Dub SurvivorSalmonella Dub
4.14Spin My ThreadCustom Kings
4.14Simple LifeMachine Translations
4.15Sex CallRocket Science
4.151000 FlowersThe Sand Pebbles
4.15Nothing's Too MuchStephen Cummings
4.15The WayAlain Valodze
4.15First DegreeJamieson Jones
4.15Losing GroundJamieson Jones
4.15The National ExpressAshley Naylor
4.15SweetAlain Valodze
4.16Songs Without Words No. 30 in AJonathan C Starkey
4.16Black Sun EnsembleThe Sand Pebbles
4.16Hard To LoveThe Tulips
4.16The Lonliest Day in DecemberTess McKenna
4.16Sioux City FallsThe Sand Pebbles
4.16Sun Coming UpTiffany Kommedal
4.16EverythingTiffany Kommedal
4.16Kaplan/ThornhillSomething For Kate
4.16We're The Devil's OwnRoss McLennan
4.16Kellies Turn To CryMachine Translations
4.16RiseThe Sand Pebbles
4.16Venus Traps FlyMachine Translations
4.17TechnocratThe Feeling Groovies
4.17If The Water Runs DryMachine Translations
4.17Let The Music TalkRU.CL
4.17Coconut BeachBen Grayson
4.17Unwind (Album Version)Fizard
4.17Feel The Sunshine (Dragon's Remix)Hudson Wells
4.17Keeping It RealMel Jones
4.17Special SauceBirdbrain
4.17Cover You In KissesVassy
4.18Push OverLisa Miller
4.18Stereo FlavasHi-Fi Mike
4.18All Our Friends Were StarsDave Graney Show
4.18Position CorrectionTZU
4.18Dam BustersTZU
4.18Winning DaysThe Vines
4.18Carried AwayCustom Kings
4.19not available...
4.20Now Is The TimeRocket Science
4.20Rose PicklesCustom Kings
4.20Ordinary LifeTiffany Kommedal
4.20Worms & HoneyMoonmonkey
4.201 2 3 4 5Screamfeeder
4.20Speed FreakDM3
4.20Tif GitJamieson Kommedal
4.20RainfallThe Vines
4.20A Day To Be CertainGersey
4.20Come AroundDavid Bridie