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The Secret is sticking together

AMID the storm of failed relationships, whirlwind romances and doomed flings, one couple has stood strong throughout the bed-hopping first series of The Secret Life of Us… the very cute Will and Sam.

Sure, they have had their ups and downs, but they stuck together during the tough times.

However, Jessica Gower, who plays Sam, reveals things are about to get a whole lot tougher.

"Everyone is affected by this tragedy," Gower says.

Without giving away too much, Gower says the next episode features a life-changing moment that has a remarkable impact on the entire Secret Life of Us clan.

The hardest hit are Will and Sam, just when they think the road will be clear from here on in.

"There are some beautiful moments coming up where they're madly in love," Gower says. "They've had the only pure, sustaining relationship the whole way."

The first series of The Secret Life of Us has finished filming.

Gower says she has enjoyed the luxury of having a regular role because she could see her character develop.

"I do relate to Sam a lot because she's still just starting to work things out and her dreams are still very reachable," Gower says.

"When people lose their innocence, they start to see a cynical world, but she's quite idealistic, even about Will being 'the one'."

Gower graduated from the National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne only last year but her dreams are also within her grasp.

She began working professionally several years ago with stints on Blue Heelers and Neighbours.

She also appeared in a run of Telstra commercials featuring John Farnham.

"That Telstra thing really put my face out there a lot," Gower says.

At the end of the year on Fox'8, Gower can also be seen in the soapie Crash Palace playing a Kiwi backpacker.

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The Courier Mail
By Allison White
October 25, 2001