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Secret's out for pair

IT is the news that will have fans of the television show The Secret Life of Us salivating.

The hit show for 20-somethings is about to feature a highly anticipated wedding and two departures.

On/off couple, Alex, played by Claudia Karvan and her "Sexy Rexy", Vince Colosimo, will announce in a coming episode they are moving to London together and will unexpectedly tie the knot before they jet off.

Fans won't have to endure a drawn out wait for the nuptials. The doctor duo on the Melbourne-based show will wed mid-season.

The storyline is set to provide a neat exit point for original cast member Karvan, a star of the films Risk and Dating the Enemy, who indicated last year she wanted to leave the show to return to live in Sydney with her daughter Audrey.

The plan also means an end for Colosimo, who had a recurring role as Alex's love interest.

Colosimo has recently spent time in Los Angeles scouting for an agent and is believed to want to pursue projects in Hollywood.

All will be revealed for fans in the series' sixth episode, to screen on Monday, March 17.

In the episode titled "The Quality of My Life", Alex's decision to move to London with Rex is cemented by a poor report from one of the senior surgeons at her hospital, despite the fact he has never operated with her.

Evan helps organise a farewell party for the couple while Kelly stands back, distraught that her best friend is leaving.

The farewell do is a perfect night for the happy couple and they make the impromptu decision to tie the knot in a low key ceremony on the oft used roof of their apartment building.

The episode also features a confession by Miranda to her boss Chloe, and Richie battling to deal with life as an out-of-work actor.

By Emma Chalmers
February 28, 2003
The Courier-Mail