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Out in the open: Claudia Karvan near her home at Bondi last week.

Secret baby of Karvan on set of second series

Claudia Karvan, eight months pregnant, will reprise her starring role in the second series of The Secret Life Of Us.

Karvan, who plays a surgeon in the Channel 10 show, has revealed she will be back on set in December, with her baby in tow.

"It will be a child surrounded by a lot of love, because the team at The Secret Life Of Us is like my extended family," said Karvan.

"I'm planning to have an on-set nanny and my partner Jeremy [Sparks] has kindly volunteered to do the night feeds."

Karvan, 29, kept her pregnancy secret for seven months, and this is the first time she has spoken about juggling motherhood with her television career.

"It's just a great thrill to be involved in this show, to be involved in something Australian, which beats the barrage of American content we always have," she said.

"There will certainly be a lot of chaos in my life when filming begins again, but I'm looking forward to it."

Channel 10 commissioned a further 22 episodes of The Secret Life Of Us from Southern Star Entertainment, though the first series is less than half way through. It is already Australia's top-rating show among 16- to 39-year-olds and has a strong British following.

The show will continue to follow the lives of eight twenty-somethings living in Melbourne, and Karvan said she was happy to continue with the juicy storylines which had typified the show.

For the first series she teamed up with guest actor Susie Porter for an episode about lesbian flirtations, to air on Channel 10 in a fortnight.

"Two girls kissing should keep the blokes going for a while," Karvan said. "But, seriously, the producers have been so courageous in presenting some of these issues, there's a real truth in everything they do."

By Christine Sams
Photo: Steve Baccon
September 12, 2001
The Sun-Herald