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Anna Torv

Ann Torv's Nikki in Secret Life Of Us is a real troublemaker.

Neighbourly nastiness

There's an old saying in the Australian television industry—and an old song to go with it—that everybody needs good neighbours.

If you're looking for a dramatic situation, where people from all walks of life interact, then look no further than the folks next door.

And what happens when those neighbours move out? Simple, just look to those on the other side.

That's the solution for The Secret Life Of Us when the new series begins this week and we're introduced to a new set of flatmates, from a hitherto unnoticed flat down the corridor.

"When the series starts we [the new flatmates] have been living there for a while… but we haven't really met anyone yet," said Anna Torv, who plays one of the new additions, Nikki.

"That changes pretty quickly though and it's not a nice meeting."

The established dynamic of the Secret Life block of flats is well and truly shaken up this season as Nikki and her flatmate Lucy butt heads with just about everyone, causing no end of trouble.

"Nikki comes on to the show like a bull at a red rag and it's not until a few episodes in that she starts to lighten up," Torv said.

"She fights with these unbelievable neighbours, cats get killed, everything just goes very nasty."

It's a great way for a new actor to make an impact, Torv admits, but perhaps one that will leave viewers wondering just where she fits in.

"I try not to worry about that side too much, you can't get too hung up on it, but she is harsh—she is so harsh to Kelly," Torv said.

"I get the giggles with Deb [Mailman, who plays original cast member Kelly]. She's the most gorgeous person you can imagine and we've known each other for some time, but on screen we just don't get along."

By Scott Ellis
February 18, 2004
The Sun-Herald