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Secret's out: Nina Liu will play Abi Tucker's lesbian love-interest in next season's Secret Life of Us.

Lesbian affair sparks up Life

GROUND-breaking TV series The Secret Life of Us is about to launch into its first lesbian storyline.

Viewers can expect sparks when Abi Tucker's character, Miranda, meets Chloe, an economics graduate hell-bent on having fun.

Playing Chloe is attractive up-and-comer Nina Liu, 25, who recently starred in Something In The Air.

Liu said the treatment of the romance between Chloe and Miranda was tasteful and would build to a crescendo towards the end of the show's third series.

"Chloe has graduated from university, so she's enjoying life a bit," said Liu, who studied classical ballet for 10 years.

"She works at a call centre as a team leader. That's where she meets Miranda.

"I really like how the character of Chloe is treated. Her relationship with Miranda is actually about love. That sounds really hippie, doesn't it? But Chloe really loves Miranda's company and their relationship sort of develops."

The plot means life has come full circle for Miranda, who was dumped by boyfriend Richie (Spencer McLaren) in the first series when she discovered he was gay.

After a sensational start in 2001, The Secret Life of Us took an alarming dip in ratings in the second series. Late last year there was worry about the show's future because of a lack of a joint-funding partner. Channel 10 did not want to carry the total cost.

These problems appear to have been resolved and the show's producers have decided to inject new blood.

Others joining the show include Gigi Edgley, daughter of entertainment entrepreneur Michael, and Torquil Neilson, a star of He Died With a Felafel in His Hand.

Damian de Montemas, who played Jason, will not be back. He left over "character issues".

Producer Amanda Higgs said Vince Colosimo would return as Dr Rex, the love interest of Alex (Claudia Karvan).

Colosimo appeared in the final episode of the second series, but his future was left up in the air.

Colosimo's character will stay for about a third of the new series and it is tipped Karvan will be written out with him.

Liu, who has been with the series only a few weeks, said she was having the time of her life.

"We're shooting in Melbourne in summer," she said. "And I'm working with great people. How much better could it be?

"I haven't met the whole cast yet. They're all such terrific actors, so working with them will be a bit nerve racking."

While still at school, Liu started her career in Richard Lowenstein's film The Ghost Story. She then made Floating Life, before taking on a lead role in Heartbreak High.

Liu said there was a shortage of ethnic characters on Australian television, "but it's changing for the positive".

The young actress of Chinese descent is a fifth generation Australian.

The Secret Life of Us will return to Channel 10 early next month.

By Garry Williams and Adam Zwar
January 13, 2003
The Herald Sun