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Secret Life wins Boozie award

The Secret Life of Us, the realistic 20-something television drama, may have picked up a silver Logie at last night's award ceremony but it's also received a more dubious honour.

The series, set in Melbourne's bayside St Kilda, depicting the life of a group of flatmates, won the silver Logie for most outstanding drama and also received its second "Boozie" award, conferred by the Australian Drug Foundation.

Director of the foundation's centre for youth drug studies Geoff Munro said the show won the mock award for excessive, inappropriate and unconscionable marketing of alcohol.

"The show boasts it depicts life as it is, but our research demonstrates the alcohol consumption is way over the top," Mr Munro said.

He said an Australian Drug Foundation analysis of the 22-episode drama found a quarter of scenes portrayed alcohol consumption.

The analysis also showed alcohol scenes averaged 2.54 minutes per episode, with the longest reaching almost seven minutes.

"It gives the impression that young adults drink incessantly," Mr Munro said.

"And heavy drinking in Secret Life rarely results in hangovers, poor job performance, or violence."

"Given the popularity of the show, we're concerned that young people may see the alcohol lifestyle of Secret Life as normal or safe."

Mr Munro said the program's target audience, those aged 15 to 34 years, were most at risk of harm from alcohol.

May 13, 2003