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Aaron's secret life as a talented footballer

ACTOR Aaron Pedersen was anything but angelic when he joined the cream of St Kilda’s young brigade in an impromptu training session on Wednesday.

Pedersen blended into the drills as if he were a player.

The mini-session was staged as part of filming for the fourth series of The Secret Life of Us.

Pedersen, who was last seen in ABC medical drama MDA, has joined the cast for 10 episodes as fictional Saint champion Corey Mailins.

St Kilda’s young turks, including Raphael and Xavier Clarke, Nick Dal Santo, Leigh Montagna, Matt Ferguson, Brendon Goddard, Josh Houlihan and Jason Gram will make low-key acting debuts as extras in footy scenes.

For the athletic Pedersen, taking the role of Mailins is a case of art imitating life. He grew up playing football in Alice Springs and he is related to the talented McAdam brothers—Gilbert, Adrian and Greg—as well as triple Brisbane premiership player Darryl White.

“I played A-grade footy in Alice Springs at 16,” Pedersen said. “I thought about trying out for a city club, but decided on acting.”

Pedersen, a Bombers fan, won’t need a double when it comes to on-field scenes.

“I kick well with both feet, I can hold my own and I love the game,” he said.

“I am one of those actors who do their stunts. Most people think I am mad.”

February 15, 2004
The Herald Sun

Tottie's spicy Secret

SOCIALITE and sometime actor Tottie Goldsmith has an interesting guest role in an episode of The Secret Life of Us.

Tottie pops up as a sexy Toorak trophy wife who seduces Christian (Michael Dorman) when he is hired as her gardener.

The last time we saw Tottie on screen she was playing pretty much the same role on a TV commercial for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Tottie's back in Melbourne after reportedly splitting with former INXS manager Chris Murphy, for whom she moved to Sydney.

February 23, 2004
The Herald Sun