The Lost World: episode guide

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Peter McCauley
Rachel Blakely
David Orth
Jennifer O'Dell

Will Snow as Roxton

Executive Producers
Lesle Belzberg, John Landis, Jeffrey Hayes, Greg Coote, Robin Spry, Paul Painter

All or Nothing

Episode 2.01
Written by Charles Lazer
Directed by Colin Budds

On a bridge spanning a deep gorge, a fierce battle unfolds with Drakul's raiders. Marguerite and Veronica watch as Summerlee is hit. Tribune, betrayed by Drakul, hurls a bomb that destroys the bridge... throwing the men into the river far below. Veronica clings to the hope that her friends have survived and searches for them with Marguerite. Once reunited, they discover that Tribune has saved Roxton's life and demands a favor in return. Since they need a boat to return home, they follow Tribune to a run-down fishing village — where he disappears. A beautiful prostitute named Raina informs them that Nemak has enslaved the town. When our gang clashes with Nemak and his goons, they are thrown into jail.

Guest Starring: Jerome Ehlers as Tribune, Don Atkinson as Nemak
Featuring: Natale Bassinthwaighte as Raina, Martin Grelia as Guard, Brad McMurray as Bartender, Eric Thill as Croupier


Episode 2.02
Written by David Barlow
Directed by Michael Offer

While looking for a way off the plateau, Roxton, Malone, and Challenger save an Amazon woman from an attacking raptor. Challenger is injured in the melee and the three are invited back to the Amazon's camp where they are welcomed with open arms. While the Amazons celebrate by the light of a full moon, the men happily learn that it's breeding time — and they have been chosen as studs. By the time they realize they will die as soon as they have served their purpose, it's too late to save themselves.

Guest Starring: Anja Coleby as Hippolita, Bianca Chiminello as Selina
Featuring: Jacinta Stapleton as Thea, Lara Cox as Phobe, James Steward as Prisoner #1, Paul Dalglish as Prisoner #2

Tourist Season

Episode 2.03
Written by Guy Mullally
Directed by Richard Franklin and Darryl Sheen

Challenger is trying to harness the energy of the wind to generate electric power for the treehouse when a storm erupts and a gigantic ball of lightning strikes Challenger's windmill. In the ensuing silence, the sputtering sound of a small engine is heard, and a helicopter appears in the distant sky. It draws nearer and lands in the clearing — all on board, a family of 20th century tourists and their pilot, survive. As Challenger and the others marvel at the new arrivals, Marguerite tries to come up with a way to escape the plateau in the helicopter, at the expense of the others if need be. Meanwhile, a hostile tribe has also seen the smoking helicopter land and want to make it theirs, resorting to a kidnapping as a means of achieving that goal.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Hammond as Phil Dillon, Tiffany Lamb as Barb Dillon, Jamie Croft as Rob Dillon, Marton Csokas as Kenner.
Featuring: Kevin Copeland as Cooper, Brad McMurray as Targon, Mick Roughan as Brine.

Divine Right

Episode 2.04
Written by Tony Di Franco
Directed by Colin Budds

A riderless horse approaches our explorers, as if on a mission. When Roxton saddles up, the horse carries him to a mountain tribe, who welcome him as their king. Roxton tries to decline, but when the royal advisor, Balar, tells him that if he's an imposter; he shall die, Roxton reconsiders. Using the horse, Roxton tries to warn his friends. Balar has the horse followed and they are captured. One of the customs of the tribe is to sacrifice a virgin to appease a monstrous dragon, but Roxton saves the young woman and steps right into Balar's trap. The only way to stop the dragon now is for the rightful king to hunt it down and kill it.

Guest Starring: John Bach as Balar, Gerard Kennedy as Old Man, Tim McCunn as Pragor
Featuring: Romi Trower as Klaire, Tim McDonald as Sigurd, Brett Arthur as Maxtor, Chas Green as Guard, Anthony Ward as Guard.

Stone Cold

Episode 2.05
Written by Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Directed by Michael Offer

While mapping an unexplored valley, Roxton is surprised by a terrified young woman, who after uttering an enigmatic warning, dies in his arms. Roxton, Marguerite, and Malone head toward an ominous castle when a sudden rainstorm forces them to seek shelter. There, under a mysterious influence, the three are led to separate rooms where they each find opulent evening wear of the same vintage as that worn by the young woman. Marguerite and the two men begin to take on new personalities, eerily re-enacting a romantic triangle of intrigue, with Marguerite playing Roxton against Malone as both men compete for her attention. Meanwhile Challenger and Veronica similarly find themselves at the castle, where they are welcomed by Roxton, Marguerite, and Malone, all strangely possessed by the spirit-wearers.

Featuring: Belinda Gavin as Terrified Woman

Skin Deep

Episode 2.06
Story by Will Dixon and Damian Kindler
Teleplay by David Wolkove
Directed by Colin Budds

Trouble starts when Marguerite undergoes a dramatic change in behaviour after an encounter with a strange light inside a cave. Leaving the others to content with the uncharacteristically nice Marguerite, Veronica and Malone visit the Zanga to help with preparations for Assai's wedding, but upon their arrival they learn that all the village's warriors have disappeared. Assai's fiancé Jarl appears shortly but runs off when spotted. Pursuing him through the jungle, Veronica, Malone and Assai come across his body which dissolves before their eyes. Return to the treehouse, they find the others have witnessed a similar occurrence with a raptor that was acting strangely.
Roxton too begins acting strangely when Marguerite lures him away, forcing the others to seek out the cause of their transformation. A Zanga legend leads them to the mysterious "Shining Cave" which Challenger, Malone and Veronica enter to try to rescue their friends while Assai waits outside, prepared to blow up the cave's entrance to prevent further occurrences.

Guest Starring: Laura Vazquez as Assai
Featuring: Samsor Safi as Jarl, Adrian Brown as Head Zanga, Rio Nugara as Zanga #1

London Calling

Episode 2.07
Written by Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Directed by Michael Offer

Ned finds an ancient map that outlines an escape route from the Lost World. Now the adventurers must prove to skeptics all they have seen.

Guest Starring: Grant Bowler as Montague Fitzsimmonds, Jessica Napier as Gladys, George Henare as Zanga chief.
Featuring: Jack Heywood as Army Colonel, Shane Barnes as British Seaman, Craig Kocinski as Photographer.

The Prisoner

Episode 2.08
Written by Guy Mullally
Directed by Richard Franklin

When searching for her long-lost parents, Veronica unwittingly releases a savage giant from captivity, and Marguerite and the others must use all their talents to subdue him again.

Guest Starring: Chris Kirby as Prince Apep, Lani Tupu as Shape-shifter, Spencer McLaren as Qinaq's mate, Natasha Beaumont as Qinaq.
Featuring: Dawn Klingberg as Woman

The Games

Episode 2.09
Written by Charles Lazer
Directed by Michael Offer

Empress Centuria has ordered her Lizardmen to hunt and kill Tribune, who flees to the treehouse for help. They track him there and overwhelm our heroes. Malone, Marguerite and Roxton are taken prisoner along with Tribune and brought back to Centuria's city. Malone, posing as Professor Challenger, is ordered to make gunpowder, while Roxton and Tribune are sent to the gladiators' dungeon.

Guest Starring: Jerome Ehlers as Tribune, Simone Robertson as Centuria, Wayne Pygram as Captain Tark
Featuring: Joe Bugner as Trustee, John Seru as Gladiator

Note: Wayne Pygram appeared previosuly in episode 1.03, "More Than Human"

The Source

Episode 2.10
Written by Scott Kraft
Directed by Michael Pattinson

The Lost World is in the grip of a crippling drought. Our adventurers are saved from a pack of thirsty Raptors by a magnificent young woman who begs them to escort her to her pueblo. She confesses that she is a survivor of the original colony, which discovered the Fountain of Youth. Her supply is diminishing, however, and she must return to the Fountain cave or die. Marguerite, with visions of eternal youth and wealth, leads the others after Ana.

Guest Starring: Kristy Wright as Ana, Henk Johannes, Alethea McGrath as Ana (Old)


Episode 2.11
Written by Richard Oleksiak
Directed by Pino Amenta

The Lost World is shattered by gunfire as trophy hunters try to capture a Troglodyte child. Veronica swings through the jungle to save him, and becomes the hunters' new target. She escapes to the Treehouse to warn her friends just ahead of the hunters. One of the hunters declares that he has been commissioned to locate the Challenger expedition and help them return to England. Despite Veronica's warnings, and Marguerite's suspicions, the hunters are welcomed and set up camp nearby.

Guest Starring: Peter O'Brien as Avery Burton
Featuring: Alex Ruiz as Steve, Kamahi Djordon King as Johnson, Nick McKinless as Father Trog, Michelle Comerfield as Mother Trog, Craig Marriott as Boy Trog.

Voodoo Queen

Episode 2.12
Written by Guy Mullally
Directed by Colin Budds

As mysterious drums sound through the jungle, Roxton is stalked and seduced by a beautiful woman, Danielle, who tells a harrowing tale of Trogs attacking and taking over her village. Seeking refuge at the Treehouse, she manages to charm the men but arouses the women's suspicions. Their mistrust is justified when Danielle makes a voodoo doll in Roxton's image and lures him back to her village, where it turns out, she is the one who controls the Trogs and an army of zombies. When the others discover that Roxton has been enslaved, they quickly devise a plan to infiltrate the village and rescue him.

Guest Starring: Simone Kessell as Danielle

The Guardian

Episode 2.13
Written by Stacey Kaser
Directed by Michael Pattinson

Challenger is knocked unconscious by a falling pig trap while searching for medicinal herbs. The three young hunters who set the trap drag him back to their hidden village. Veronica and Marguerite follow the hunters' tracks and make their way past the jungle defence into the village, populated by a group of young orphans. They learn that the village is protected by an enormous plant that emits a deadly gas when disturbed and must be fed fresh meat daily. While the trio attempt to find a way out of the village, the tribe seizes Challenger and pushes him toward the plant's jaws. Will Challenger be the plant's next meal?

Guest Starring: Gigi Edgley as Pakim
Featuring: Charles Cousins as Tomu, Robert Diaz as Guardian, Oliver Rumpf as Boy, Ginger as The Pig

Under Pressure

Episode 2.14
Written by Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Directed by Pino Amenta

The explorers have a strange guest at the treehouse who impresses Challenger with his knowledge of geology. Meanwhile, something attacks Challenger's electrostatic accumulator. The explorers chase after a group of underground dwellers whom they believe to be the culprits. Their guest turns out to be one of them, and the explorers are soon taken hostage. It turn out that the underground dwellers need Challenger's scientific expertise to help them evolve above ground.

Guest Starring: Jeremy Callaghan as Alex Linden, Shane Briant as Lionel Holt

The Outlaw

Episode 2.15
Written by Guy Mullally
Directed by Michael Offer

Roxton and Marguerite are out looking for a way off the plateau when they discover a promising looking crevice. Once through, they discover an old English village where they meet a masked woman who has just robbed the local pub. She drops her bag of spoils in front of the two explorers and vanishes. Roxton and Marguerite enter the pub in an effort to find the rightful owners of the loot, when they are promptly arrested by the local prosecutor. When Roxton tries to escape, he is shot!

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Edgar Gray, Josephine Byrnes as The Masked Bandit
Featuring: Mark Hembrow as Hyde, Belinda Gavin as Josie, David Vallon as Judge

The Quality of Mercy

Episode 2.16
Written by John Sheppard
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Veronica and Malone are captured by an angry mob who need slaves to mine their quarry. They soon discover that their fellow prisoners are not human — they are machines who are helping aliens repair their spaceship. Will the aliens discover that our heroes are human? and will the slaves be successful in their revolt against their alien overlords?

Guest Starring: Christopher Morris as Ty, Jean-Marc Russ as Prin Leader, Marea Lambert-Barker as Lara
Featuring: Simon Watts as Guard

Mark of the Beast

Episode 2.17
Written by Scott Kraft
Directed by Michael Pattinson

Roxton and Marguerite return to the treehouse to find it raided by a monkey. They follow the monkey to a cave where they find a mysterious amulet that leaves a mark of a dinosaur skull on their hands. Those infected with the mark soon begin to transform into their animal totem form.

Guest Starring: Paul Gleeson as Jack Kellar, Shanyn Asmar as Eva
Featuring: Melissa McCrae as Billy


Episode 2.18
Written by Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Challenger and Marguerite discover an ancient Temple whose entrance is guarded by a carving of three armed warriors. When Marguerite falls into a pit of spikes, Challenger must leave her, to get help. As he leaves, the Guardians come to life. While Marguerite lies bleeding, she hallucinates. As Challenger is returning with the others, the Guardians attack them with invincible strength, but stop suddenly when they see Malone bleeding from a chest wound. While Veronica takes Malone home, the others hurry to the temple. When Roxton and Challenger reach her, Marguerite is baffled when they can see her hallucination, Adrienne. Following Adrienne's claims there is an exit from the plateau via the Temple, Challenger follows her map to the Temple's altar where he is confronted by William Maple White, a dead colleague whose journals had led him to the Lost World.

Guest Starring: Robert Coleby as William Maple White, Frederique Fouche as Adrienne Montclaire

The Pirate's Curse

Episode 2.19
Written by Guy Mullally
Directed by Catherine Millar

Marguerite and Roxton are enjoying an intimate moment, when suddenly the earth moves! They quickly find themselves sprawled in the bottom of a pit, with a pirate's skeleton and his cursed treasure chest filled with a fortune in booty. Unimpressed by a little curse, Marguerite takes the treasure back to the Treehouse. Challenger and Malone find the pirate's journal, and decide to unravel his story. Traveling to the described inland sea, they are ambushed by pirate descendant Pappin, who seizes the journal. Pappin sends his men to find the treasure, then shackles Malone in a tidal cave, leaving Challenger tied up in his shack.

Guest Starring: Marcus Eyre as Wik Pappin, Iain Gardiner as Mr. Davey
Featuring: Sara Groen as Immy

The Visitor

Episode 2.20
Written by Guy Mullally
Directed by Colin Budds

Malone is slashed by a beast in the jungle. While looking for the animal, he and Veronica come across Danu, her childhood sweetheart, wounded, and warning them about this dangerous beast. Later that night at the Treehouse, the team is disturbed by a howling animal, and discovers Danu gone and Malone feverish. While Marguerite stays to nurse Malone, the others search for Danu, hoping to learn more about Malone's condition.

Guest Starring: Leah Purcell as Witch Doctor, Nathan Dean Ramsay as Danu

A Man of Vision

Episode 2.21
Written by Guy Mullally
Directed by Pino Amenta

During a powerful thunderstorm on the plateau, all five of our heroes experience dreams and visions of their "lost" colleague, Summerlee, who had disappeared into a raging waterfall and was presumed dead. Malone sets off after this ghost, and Challenger, Marguerite, and Roxton follow. The three are ambushed by cannibals who fancy Marguerite's arm for an appetizer, but Roxton and Challenger break free to save her. The three resume their hunt for Malone, only to be trapped by a hungry T-Rex.
Ned meanwhile, has fallen and knocked himself out. He regains consciousness, concussed and thirsty, and follows Summerlee's ghost along a dry riverbed. He stumbles and twists his ankle, but still hobbles on. Summerlee appears to be leading him to the now dry waterfall where he was last seen.

Featuring: Michael Sinelnikoff as Summerlee, Nicholas Pendragon as Chief

Into the Fire

Episode 2.22 (season finale)
Written by Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Directed by Michael Pattinson

Our heroes are astonished to see a British Navy dirigible flying low over their plateau. Malone, working away from the rest, is close enough to catch the last rung of its boarding ladder and clambers aboard. He finds the airship damaged and without crew, but as he opens a logbook, Capt. Askwith appears, and knocks Malone unconscious. As the airship flies beyond view, the others hear screams from a T-Rex hatchery. Luring the dinosaur away, they rescue, not Malone, as they expected, but Askwith! He claims not to have seen Malone. Marguerite is quite taken by him, and offers to bring him back to the Treehouse to recover. Roxton, a little jealous, and very suspicious, accompanies them, as Challenger and Veronica follow the airship. They locate it in foothills nearby, and discover that the damage is not too serious, and enough fuel for three days flight off the plateau. Malone however, is nowhere in sight.

Guest Starring: Steven Vidler as Captain Askwith