The Lost World: cast

William Snow as Lord John Roxton

Will Snow

Roxton is an adventure junkie. Every situation that presents itself is another challenge for him to conquer. After the tragic death of his brother, Roxton searches for both the Lost World and an escape from his guilty reality. Always a rogue—he comes to loggerheads with other members of the expedition—while his inner instincts to prove himself worthy of his own respect push him further and further into danger.

One of Australia's top models for years, William Snow has appeared in numerous televison commercials throughout Australia, Italy and the U.K. He starred in the television series "Tales of the South Seas", "Pacific Drive" as well as in the feature film "Dead End."

Rachel Blakely as Marguerite Krux

Rachel Blakely

Marguerite is a mysterious, wealthy woman with no scruples whatsoever. She never knew her parents and was raised in a series of boarding schools. She was given the finest education, but no love. She has an extensive knowledge of variety of subjects and an incredible ability with languages. Marguerite funded the expedition on the condition that she come along. She will do anything, betray anyone if it advances her cause. Marguerite believes she was driven to fund the project because of her desire for precious jewels. Instead, she is driven by something she doesn't understand and can't control. It is as if her whole life has been in preparation for this journey in the Lost World.

Born and raised in Australia, Rachel is perhaps best known for her role as Gaby Willis on "Neighbours". She has also appeared in "Tride", "Young Hercules", "Tales of the South Seas", "Flipper" and "Xena: Warrior Princess." Rachel's film work includes The Turner Affair (with David Orth) and "Mr Nice Guy" with Jackie Chan,

Peter McCauley as Professor Challenger

Peter McCauley

Challenger is the driving force behind the ill-fated expedition. Leaving his wife behind in England, he is seeking glory above all else. It is his great failing that he not only needs to be right, but he needs the world to see that he is right as well. He feels responsible to return the group home but only with positive proof of the existence of the plateau. Professor Challenger has a vast knowledge of science which he uses time after time to build life-saving home-made devices. At home in England Challenger found most everyone beneath his attention. Now, in the Lost World, he begins to discover his humanity.

Peter McCauley's television credits include "Pheonix", "20, 000 Leagues Under The Sea", "High Country", "Both Sides of The Fence". He has appeared in the critically acclaimed feature film "The Interview" with Hugo Weaving and Tony Martin as well as "Kingpin" and "Bridge To Nowhere."

David Orth as Ned Malone

David Orth

Ned Malone is an early twenties American reporter. He started out as a newspaperboy, then became a copyboy and war correspondent. It was during the war that he learned to travel by hot-air balloon. He volunteered for the expedition to impress Gladys the woman he loves, who doesn't love him. In the Lost World he realises he may never see her again complicated by his new attraction to Veronica. Malone is not, by nature, a courageous man. He is more afraid of being thought a coward than anything else. It is this fear that often propels him to act even though he is terrified.

Canadian born David Orth is an alumnus of the world famous Second City troupe. He has appeared in many television roles, and is considered a master of accents, his standouts being English, Irish and Scottish.

Jennifer O'Dell as Veronica

Jennifer O'Dell

The innocent Veronica grew up in the Lost World. Her parents were part of an earlier expedition also trapped on the Lost World. Her parents disappeared many years ago—and she has since developed a keen inner strength that carries over into her physical life. She knows the dangers within the Lost World, and acts as a reluctant guide to the newcomers in their search.

O'Dell has a varied list of credits to her name, including television, film and live theatre. She has also appeared in music videos for both the Backstreet Boys and David Charvee.

Micheal Sinelnikoff as Arthur Summerlee

Michael Sinelnikoff

Initially Sumerlee is Challenger's biggest detractor—secretly hoping to find that Challenger's claims of the Lost World are untrue. A keen sense of adventure, and an even keener desire to discredit Professor Challenger make Summerlee a key member of the expedition. A scholar and recluse by nature, he would easily be content to while away the rest of his days in the Lost World.

Micheal Sinelnikoff graduated from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He has numerous film credits to his name and has worked alongside such actors as Jan-Michael Vincent, Burt Lancaster and Gary Oldman. He produced 63 dramas for the CBC Montreal Teleplay series and is actively involved with the Stephenvilla Festival of the Arts.