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Kat Stewart relishes new role in Tangle

In her first dramatic television role since Underbelly, Australian actor Kat Stewart says she's relished the chance to star in a very different show, the new relationship drama Tangle.

Stewart stars as Nat Manning, a former wild child and minor celebrity who returns to Australia after a 15-year stint in the UK, in the series from the producers of Love My Way, which will screen on pay TV channel Showcase from next month.

It's a far cry from her role playing Roberta Williams, the wife of underworld figure, Carl, and Stewart said she was thrilled to play a contrasting character.

"I knew that the next drama I did should probably be pretty different," Stewart told AAP on Wednesday.

"The show's couldn't be more different — I loved doing Underbelly but it's great just to mix it up."

Stewart's profile has soared since Underbelly but she says she still must fight it out at auditions for roles like every other actor.

"It's not like I ring up and say yes I'll take that role and that role," she said.

She says she hopes the show — about the worlds of different families colliding — gets picked up for a second season.

"It's the kind of show I'd watch," Stewart said.

"I love the complexity of the characters. I love the way it's filmed, I love the performances and the way it doesn't let you off the hook. There aren't clear goodies and baddies.

"I'm really happy with it.

"But having said that I can't really relax when I'm watching myself."

Stewart joined co-stars including Catherine McClements, Joel Tobeck and Matt Day for the launch of the TV series at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney on Wednesday night.

Fellow stars Justine Clarke and Ben Mendelsohn were absent, with Clarke having had a baby last week and Mendelsohn sick with pneumonia.

New Zealand actor Tobeck, who plays a man who Stewart's character had an affair and child with 15 years earlier, was full of praise for Stewart. He is also staring alongside her in an upcoming comedy called 30 seconds.

"She is the discovery of the last 25 years. She is amazing and I don't say that lightly," Tobeck told AAP.

Tobeck's character Tim Williams is a politician and he said he took inspiration from his grandfather, who was a politician in New Zealand.

"I've tried to call on those memories or experiences," Tobeck said.

By Katherine Field
September 02, 2009