Produced by Antichocko Productions Pty Ltd

Producers: Paul Fenech, Serena Hunt
Writer: Paul Fenech
Director: Paul Fenech

Aired: 2008, 2011 (SBS)

A hilarious comedy that parodies the people, the politics and the outrageous events of a working class business. On paper, a courier's profession seems relatively simple. The customer calls in a job, the call centre passes on details to dispatch, they in turn book a courier to arrange the pick up and deliver in a timely manner — easy right? So how does the team at Swift and Shift couriers always manage to stuff it up?!
Ian TurpieKeith Warne
Amanda KellerAmanda Doyle
Melissa TkautzMelissa Schembry
Paul FenechPaul "Mario" Gauci
Same GrecoLouie "Luigi" Marietti
Angry AndersonAaron "Agro" Smith
Kristy Lee AllanLeanne Murdoch
Stuart RaweGeorge Darwin
David CooperDavid "Smurf" Jackman
Jioji RavuloLeonard Umaga
Oliver MileticOliver Vlacic
Jim WebbJim Spooner
Maret ArcherDoreen Ballini
Renzo BellatoRenzo Ballini
Tahir BilgicHabib El Faik
Anthony SalameAnthony Sukor
Clarissa MorrisionClarissa
Jan BakkerJan
Orlando ScoleseFernando
Mark DuncanMark Tanner
Mike DuncanMike Tanner

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