Produced by Easy Tiger in association with Carver Films

Executive Producer: Sue Masters
Producers: Ian Collie; Anna McLeish, Sarah Shaw
Co-Producer: Matt Cameron
Writers: Matt Cameron, Elise McCredie
Director: Daina Reid

Airing: October 2017 (SBS)

When a privileged suburban teen is critically assaulted, the blame is quickly laid on a group of young men from Melbourne's South Sudanese community — jeopardising the dreams of 18-year-old star basketballer Jacob Garang. But the truth is never black and white. (4x1hour)
Anthony LaPagliaEddie Grattan
Melanie LynskeyZara Skelton
Wally ElnourJacob Garang
Ror Da PoetDeng Deng
Autiak AweteekSantino
Nick PerryDazzler

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