Created by: Selena Crowley, Mark C. Burnett, Will Usic
Executive Producer: Selena Crowley
Series Producer: Rick McPhee
Producer: Nick Murray
Director: Will Usic
Writers: Tim Pye, Michael Ward
Opening theme: "The Show Must Go On" by Leo Sayer

Aired: 2006, 2007 (TV1)

Set in the office of a fictional men's magazine called COQ (French for rooster), Stupid Stupid Man examines the lives of the editorial team comprising four blokes, struggling for the right to express their blokedom in an increasingly sensitive society, juxtaposed with strong female characters in senior management and a P.A. with attitude. Their contrasting personalities and the conflict between high journalistic ideals and the grubby reality of men's magazines twists these characters increasingly out of shape.
Wayne HopeCarl Van Dyke
Matthew NewtonNick Driscoll
Bob FranklinDave Muir
Leah VandenbergAnne Cassidy
Sophie KatinisTina Carmody
Chris LeaneyRoss Hampton

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