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Jacinta Stapleton

The rookie

PLAYING a police rookie is a world away from Neighbours for Jacinta Stapleton.

Stapleton, who played Amy Greenwood on Neighbours, has joined the Stingers team as Constable Christina Dichiera, a streetwise rookie straight out of the police academy.

She is one of several new recruits to the undercover police show brought in after the death of one character and the departure of another.

"With two characters leaving they needed to fill places there and they've brought in someone who's a lot younger so they can fill that demographic and open up the storylines a bit more," Stapleton says.

Christina, or Chris as she prefers to be called, was recruited to the undercover team after coasting through the academy with straight As.

As such, Stapleton sought advice from the police and her colleagues about what goes on within a police academy.

"It's all well and good to pretend you're going to arrest someone but not knowing how to use a gun at all or not knowing anything about the police academy makes it quite difficult," she says.

Her new character, a former homeless teenager with a network of street contacts, is very different to her Ramsay Street alter ego.

"She's cool and tough and a bit hardcore," Stapleton says. "She's a risk-taker and she jumps into things even though she needs more training and advice from the people above her."

Stapleton predicts trouble for her new alias but plans to enjoy the ride.

Stingers, Nine, Tuesday, 9.30pm

By Jennifer Dudley
August 22, 2002
The Courier Mail