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End of the Road

Episode 1.06
Wed, March 14, 2018
Head writer: Adam Zwar
Writers: Lally Katz, Sarah Scheller, Adele Vuko, Leon Ford, Ben Crisp
Directors: Trent O'Donnell, Amanda Brotchie, Van Vuuren Bros., Kate McCartney, Cate Stewart

Romi leaves Paul a voicemail from the Gold Coast and confesses to miss him. Paul misses this critical information when a wasp flies into his van and stings him repeatedly on the face. Tony from dispatch sends Paul to the airport to pickup a mysterious package.

Audrey suffers a cardiac arrest forcing Lukas and Miles to make a tough decision about what to do with her remains. Lukas takes the redundancy and offers Davis a job reference. They both explore life after work.

Macca’s buck’s party is a nightmare but his fortunes are reversed by a $10,000 settlement payment from Lukas. Ned is thankful for Macca’s eventual apology over causing the loss of one of his testicles. Ned is devastated when they both lose their jobs. Macca is stoked.

Bridget gets the courage to dump Garry and Mia thinks she may be pregnant. And so does Bridget. Mia is relieved to test negative but must now come to terms with having another little brother. Or sister.

Talia decides it’s better if she takes the wrap for the theft so she can just chill in jail. Simoni hatches a plan to return the hair to the storeroom but they are foiled by the new owners of Kosciusko. They decide to lay low and use the hair as a deposit to start their yoga wine bar.


  • Tim Minchin as Paul
  • Andrea Demetreades as Romi
  • Sam Simmons as Lukas
  • Mandy McElhinney as Bridget
  • Justin Rosniak as Macca
  • Steen Raskopoulos as Ned
  • Susie Youssef as Simoni
  • Rose Matafeo as Talia
  • Damon Herriman as Miles
  • Jenna Owen as Mia
  • Wayne Blair as Gary
  • Nyasha Hatendi as Davis
  • Safiya El Hallak as Chloe
  • Yasmin El Hallak as Chloe
  • Adam Zwar as Traffic Reporter